Geography teaching stone natural cinnabar natural mineral and rocks specimen cinnabar stone

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Natural Cinnabar,cinnabar stone


1.Good material from the nature .

2.Mineral rocks

3.Expertised knowledge and experience in the field like family owned business and have been exported to the USA and many European countries .


5.Good image

6.Specimen size: 1-3cm








Cinnabar Description Cinnabar rocks and minerals

1: Cinnabar also called cinnabar. Because the ancient Chenzhou (now Yuanling) produced by called cinnabar. In fact, this does not produce Chenzhou cinnabar, but cinnabar distribution center! Its origin concentrated in Guizhou Tongren, Wan Hill.
2: Water Fly: A: Ancient because there is no modern equipment, with vermilion water with grinding, layer by layer filter to obtain fine powder. Modern scientific evidence so the free mercury reduction. Modern machining process should add water, and vermilion powder fineness, it is color. Fineness broken water flying up very different.
3: natural cinnabar heavy weight. Cinnabar proportion between 8.09-8.2, which is about ten times the water!





Business friends go home the Lucky treasures dotting cinnabar available opening. Some extra cash business. (To be used under the guidance of master)
    Wear a brave friend, available cinnabar will brave, be able to Lucky. (To be used under the guidance of master) drive a friend, you can cinnabar hanging in the car, make the mental concentration to avoid illegal cross-King is billing, bon voyage. Couples may be drifting into cinnabar bottle hanging on the phone as a decoration, make love more stable!
   Cinnabar but China for thousands of years, people recognized evil clergyman, without any religious restrictions, has a sedative effect, everyone can wear. Cinnabar in our daily lives can often be used, if we pay attention to the words we Lam Ching Ying movies can often be seen Taoist symbol painted with red paint when painting in yellow paper, a bowl of red pigment is cinnabar. Usually we use inks also contain cinnabar. Cinnabar also be used, such as Lucky brave treasure town house opening.
   Cinnabar in China for thousands of years, it is rich, evil representatives, so it can be said for protecting life mascot.
   Office workers wearing cinnabar, available boss trust, a meteoric rise, businessmen wear, all wishes come true, business is booming, almost always, bigger hair; child wear, healthy and lively, smart, safe growth; allows students to study stable mood, mind sober, top; couple wearing can promote feelings, happy family, who drove the front with a trailer, make mental notary public, the road smooth road safety; town house can Luck Welcoming block evil, poly Gina Choi, family peace.
   Need Cinnabar is the essence of cinnabar, can gather magnetic nature exudes marvelous spiritual power.




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