Product Overview



TECON Reusable Plastic Formwork TP60  


TECON Plastic Formwork TP60, is a new material formwork system made from ABS, PC and fiber glass. Due to the light weight of panels and fast locking design of erection handles, it provides project sites with the most convenient and efficient forming solution ever.


Thanks to TECON specially designed steel accessories, TP60 can produce walls, columns, slabs & beams with various sizes. Optimize the lead time and cost for your project.


Detailed Images

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Site Views


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Product Description

1. Advantage

  • Can build modular houses for shear wall, slab, column and beams with various sizes
  • Up to 100 times usages under good maintenance
  • Unit cost per casting of material is much lower than regular formwork
  • Average weight 15kg per square meter only
  • It helps to save construction time a lot
  • No need to use form release agent, that is another saving
  • Concrete surface is smoother as the plastic formwork surface does not absorb the concrete water, that will save a lot of thick plastering work for surface leveling and smoothing
  • General labor can do the job which save the carpenter cost and manpower
  • Output is faster as no much saw cutting and nailing works involved
  • Site is tidier
2. Specification
NumberItem NameDescription(MM)Weight(KG)Article Number
1Panel TP180/601800*600*701551000100
2Panel TP120/601200*600*7010.651000200
3Panel TP25/60250*600*702.4251000300
4Panel TP20/60200*600*702.0551000400
5Panel TP10/60100*600*701.3851000500
6Panel TP25/25250*250*701.0251000600
7Panel TP25/20250*200*700.8751000700
8Panel TP20/20200*200*700.7851000800
9Inner Corner TP60/20600*200*2003.451000900
10Inner Corner TP25/20250*200*2001.751001000
11Inner Corner 20/20200*200*2001.4351002000
12Inner top Corner 20/20200*200*2001.751003000
13Outer Corner 60/10600*100*502.0851004000
14OUter Corner 25/10250*100*700.8851005000
15Joint Plate 60-10600*70*100.2551006000
16Joinit Plate 60-20600*70*200.3751007000
17Column Panel 75/73750*730*708.751008000
18Erection handle/0.07551009000
20Sealing ring/0.00251020000


3. Application

    TECON Plastic Formwork TP60 is widely used in villas, commercial buildings, foundations, basement ect..

    Especially for foam concrete,  used together with plastic formwork TP60 across from many construction sites, they are born to match with each other.

Packaging & Shipping

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Our Services



-  Consultancy

   Offer you a general idea of formwork & scaffold among TECON various systems, to fit your project demand 


-  Technical Planning

   Customized forming & shoring solution proposal according to your structural drawing by Auto-cad


-  Order Delivery

    From fabrication to loading, fast to your site with standard export packages


-  On-site Supervision

   Shop drawing, user manual, and even send our supervisor to your site for training and supervision


Test report will be available according to different norms from different regions in order to offer no worries to clients or meet destination authority requirements.

TECON Certification of Quality will be issued when the certain batch of products passes finished products inspection together with all QC profiles in previous phases.

Pre-shipment inspection will be also supported according to clients’ request or by third-party.


Company Information

One Stop Forming & Shoring Solution Provider

Product Line       


1. Wall Formwork;

(Plastic/H20 beam/Metal/Aluminum)


2. Slab Formwork;

(Plastic/H20 beam/Metal/Aluminum)


3. Column Formwork;

(Plastic/H20 beam/Metal)


4. Special Formwork;

(Climbing Formwork /Slip Formwork)


5. Girder;

(H20 Timber Beam/ Aluminum Beam)


6. Plywood;



7. Shoring Prop;

(Heavy Duty/Light Duty/Acrow)


8. Scaffolding;

(Ringlock/Cuplock/Kwikstage/Walk Through)





As the specialist in formwork & scaffolding engineering area, TECON devotes itself in providing better products & services for our customers in construction industry all over the world.



Thanks to TECON experienced technical team, safety, cost-effective and efficiency have already been considered even at the very beginning of product development.



At TECON, you will experience excellent one-stop service throughojut the whole phases of your projects, from budgeting to completion. We assist you with optimal technical planning, order delivering, on-site supervising, and even more than these.



We have a wide range of products line which covers wall formwork, slab formwork, column formwork, climbing formwork, slip formworkgirder, plywood, shoring prop, and all kinds of scaffoldings. They are widely used in residential & commercial buildings, fly-over roads, bridges, tanks, dams and other civil engineering projects.



TECON business is built on working with customers together and striving to satisfy all their requirements, with its know-how, reliable quality & in-time service.



TECON, for those who build.





- Doka & Peri background engineers
- Customized solution helps you work safe, save cost and convenient
- Excellent quality for formwork & scaffolding with wide choices
- Fast, flexible in order delivering
- After service including on-site supervision


Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to further discussion with you.



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