digital ws2812b compatible p9823 8mm F8 dip led

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Product Overview


digital ws2812b compatible p9823 8mm F8 dip led

Product Description
  • Clear lens Model:F8-C
  • Diffused lens Model:F8-D
  • Single data control
  1. we have both clear & diffused lens
  2. Working Voltage:DC4.5V-6V
  3. Integrate RGB LEDs with control IC at same body
  4. Support 256 dimming level for each color
  5. Internal frequency up to 800KHz
  6. Single wire signal transmission (clock and Date)
  7. To be controlled by external MCU to achieve trget image
  8. No external component required

All the single-pin-controlling-hundreds-of-LEDs goodness in a breadboard friendly format. Each LED looks just like a shorter version of the classic through-hole 8mm RGB LED with 4 legs, but instead of just red/green/blue there's a little chip inside that can control the LED with high speed PWM for 24-bit color.


Product Pictures

F8-C (1).jpgF8-C (2).jpgF8-C (3).jpgF8-C (4).jpgF8-C (5).jpg

The Mini IC built inside the LED lamps

you can control it very easy as the same as WS2811 IC

led Dip (5).jpg


SPI signal transfer

 5mm tri-color.jpg

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