Calcium hypochlorite sodium process water treatment compound

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Product Overview


calcium  hypochlorite  tablets of  1g
In order to adapt to a more life-like scene, we launched a product of 1g per piece, which made the dosage more accurate and better adapted to the needs of the little used clients.
For example, a home disinfection scenario.
calcium hypochlorite of 4.5 g
Depending on the usage scenario, our company has also developed a product of 4.5 grams per tablet, which is suitable for
medium-size scenarios, such as hotels, restaurants, etc
calcium hypochlorite  of 200g
200 grams of calcium hypochlorite tablets are more suitable for disinfection and sterilization in more demanding application
scenarios, such as swimming pools, farms and other places
calcium hypochlorite of  granular
Granular calcium hypochlorite used more widely, whether domestic or industrial scene, can use, is not good control on dosage,
suitable for precision requirements is not very high, such as swimming pools, water treatment, industrial circulating water
treatment, such as dosage of big scene, compared with the calcium hypochlorite of flake, granular calcium hypochlorite because a
smaller more easily dissolved,relatively speaking.And of course the flake calcium hypochlorite also dissolves very quickly.
Guaranteed Analysis
Available Chlorine:
Yearly Loss of Chlorine:
Packing & Delivery
Usually the product will be packed in 45 liters or 50 liters of plastic bucket, but in special cases, as appropriate, according to the customer's packaging requirements for smaller units.

1)Should be stored in cool and dry warehouse away from heating sources and avoid direct sunlight.
2) In transportation, contact with such should be avoided as sunlight, heating, moisture, organics, oil and acids.

How to handle in case of leakage: Collect in time and seal properly.
Measures in case of emergency: Wash with thin soda water or diluted ammonia water in case of skin-burning.
Fire Extinguishing Methods: Sand, CO2 foam can be used. Sulphate extinguisher is forbidden.
Company Profile
About  Us
Tianjin Yufeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and has 17 years of production and foreign trade experience. For seventeen years, we have been committed to the research, development, sales and technical
consultation of calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite and related water treatment products. Depending on Tianjin's superior geographical advantages, Yufeng Chemical is supplied to various provinces, cities and counties in China, and its export customers are located in more than 150 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia and Europe. It always adheres to the principle of "excellent quality, customer first" and provides the best quality goods and services to customers all over the world.

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