Construction used polycarboxylic retarding concrete admixture

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Product Overview


Product Description
Water reducing rate 32%

 with the dosage of 0.4% of CL-BT-50

Tested by Shanlv P.O.42.5 ordinary portland cement

Materials fully chemical reaction → pure appearance→stable quality




(1) Powder (with a solid content ≥92%, solid, suitable for a long distance transportation) , or liquid (with a solid content of 20%-50%).
(2) With a high slump retention ability, without concrete segregation, with a much smaller slump loss than that of other superplasticizers.
(3) With a good dispersion, an excellent adaptability to different cements, and good water-reducing properties. A high water-reducing ratio up to 40% could be obtained when used in high strength grade concrete.(higher than C50). With a dosage of 0.4%,water reducing rate up to 28%.
(4) Low chloride content, and no corrosion to steel.
(5) Cement paste fluidity ≥250mm (with a dosage of 0.5%).
(1) Used in high performance and high strength concrete with high construction requirements.
(2) Used in high slump concrete, ready mixed concrete, and pumping concrete.
(3) Used in the concrete of high buildings, hydraulic engineering, transport system, port engineering, and municipal engineering etc.
(4) Used in other high-lift concrete for specific buildings.
Uses and Cautions:
(1) A recommended dosage is 0.25%-0.8%. Actual dosages should be determined by mixture design test according to concrete strength grade.
(2) It is required that the tolerance must be less than 1.0%.
(3) 0℃-40℃ the shelf life of liquid products is 6 months. After expiration date, concrete test must be carried out to confirm the quality.
(4) Concrete test must be carried out before utilization.
(5) This product is forbidden to be mixed with naphthalene superplasticizers.
(6) Experiment must be done when it is used together with other admixtures.



Packaging & Shipping

   container liquid bag . one bag can take 26MT. or barrels and one barrel can take 1MT

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  concrete test must be carried out before utilization. polycarboxylate based superplasticizer slump retention and water reducing admixture are forbidden to be mixed with naphthalene superplasticizers.
  we can provide the technical guidance for the on-site builder constructors for our products. price ,stable quality.
Company Information

  Binzhou Chengli Building Materials Co.,LTD  is engaged in scientific research, production and sales. We are the research and development and production base specialized in admixture of north of China. We are located in the economic and technological development zone of binzhou, covering an area of 38mu, with 8,000 square meters for actor building areas and 600 square meters for scientific research and laboratory. Our company has built a complete concrete admixture production line, chemical analysis and physical property laboratory with Shandong University, equipped with modern instruments for measuring and testing large-scale instruments and equipment. Our company has a strong research and development group consisting of professional doctors, masters of Shandong University .   Our water reducing admixtures have good dispersion, excellent adaptability to different cements, and good water -reducing properties.more importantly ,our product quality is very stable and been tested with every batch.





 Sample: 150ml

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