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Product Overview



Some Applications areas

Water Floods Protection


Riverbank Revetments


Hydraulic Erosions

Product Description
Geo Bags - Technobag: Due to global warming and change in the climatic conditions, our earth has to face different kind of erosions. Heavy rain causes the floods in river that erodes the riverbanks. Unpredicted behavior of oceans and natural calamities like Tsunami cause the erosion of coastal areas. Tougher wind conditions causes erosion by wave motions. When a raindrop falls it is usually absorbed into the pore spaces of the soil. However when these pore spaces become saturated the raindrops will either stand on the surface as a puddle or flow downhill. As the water flow downhill it will carry witty particles and other material. This is the start of erosion.
Technobag, a textile sand bag, is our most proven solution for fighting against the river flood and hydraulic erosion. The bags can be installed at the slope of river embankment to fight against water erosion and the possible collapse of the embankments.
A Polypropylene Multifilament Woven Geotextile Fabric Tube when filled used in:
• Water Floods Protection
• Riverbank Revetments
• Hydraulic Erosions.
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Company Information
Techno Fabrics 
Techno Fabrics  is principally  a  manufacturer of  erosion  control  and soil reinforcement  products. We deliver Geosynthetic solutions for a wide range of applications to meet your requirements.
We also manufacture different other types of technical fabrics used in applications like Home Textiles, Garment, Packaging, Filtration, Building Construction, Defense and Carpet Industries
Together with a Highly Energetic staff, state-of-the-art production and quality control machineries along with responsive partnerships with our clients, we give the best possible solutions in the field of Geosynthetics and Technical Fabrics.
Our experience
The company’s backbone is based on the experience of more than 45 years in the manufacturing of woven fabrics used as Sarees, Dress materials, Suiting, Kurtis and other apparel textiles. These include the marketing and supply of such fabrics across India. The company has setup the plant for processing of textile fabrics in early 80’s. The activities under this plant include Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing of textile sarees, dress materials, suitings and shirtings. The both companies are now pioneer in the field of woven textile and supplying in domestic as well as export market.
With such a huge experience, the next generations of the company has decided to enter in the field of Geosynthetics in early 2005. The young and dynamic Directors along with Highly Experienced staff, the company had developed and supplied a wide range of High Quality Geosynthetic product to fulfill our Clients requirement. With strong partnership with our client, agents across India and worldwide, we have succeed in producing most improved and innovative solutions in the field of Erosion Control and Soil Reinforcement.
Our strategy
Techno Fabrics produces and supplies, considering environment aspect, Geosynthetics Products 
to achieve strong Infrastructure, Development and Growth
Our vision “Strong and Secure Infrastructure for Future Generations”
Techno Fabrics develops complete range of solutions for the various applications in the field of business. The solutions are based on thorough research which has a more focus on nature’s behavior and withstand the challenges our common world has to face for years to come. The strong and secure infrastructure for our customer results in a higher value for our materials and gives profitable growth for the company.
Infrastructure and Quality
The company has production plants in Surat, Gujarat. We also have the strategic alliance with top quality producers. The plants are well equipped with state of art machines to produce quality Geosynthetic Products to meet the domestic and international standards. The plants are well connected with roads, rails and sea. 
The company has highly experienced technical staffs. The company has well equipped in-house Geosynthetic Testing Laboratory. The company has also tie up with Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA, Mumbai) for carrying out third party testing of materials. The company is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. The company also has procured CE Certification for the European Market
Our solutions
Techno Fabrics offers a wide range of solutions which makes your future more secure. Our solutions will work for any applications like Erosion Control, Flood Protection, Ports, Jetty, Airport, Roadways, Railways, Marine Structure, Coastal Protection, Soil Reinforcement, Dams, Embankments, Structural Engineering etc. They are most effective, Cost saving and have been successfully proven in the field. . Our research and development has a strong focus on the environment and we are in a continuous process of improving our products.

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