Automobile cars with crane radio control hydraulic crane on automobile new cars

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Product Overview


Total Passenger
2+3 man
Drive Wheel
4 X 2
Vehicle Size
5450*1810*2450 (mm)
Capacity (Load)
Capacity (Load)
Gross Vehicle Weight
3495 kg
Fuel Type
Petrol / Gasoline
Emission Standard
Max (Horse) power
85 KW (112 hp)
Transmission Type
Max speed
95 km/h
Crane Max.Lifting weight
Crane Max.Working Radius
Pickup Crane Profile and Operating Parameters
Physical Photos
Pickup truck with crane
Light cargo truck with crane
    The light crane pickup truck is a kind of light multifunctional truck, can be manned, cargo, ifting, aerial work and so on, is very convenient and practical. The vehicle is very cheap. This light cargo crane truck has been widely used in China and is suitable for various working ccasions.
Our Advantages
Wireless remote control (optional)
Pickup crane standard handle operation, you can also choose to install additional wireless remote control. The operation is more convenient, safe and efficient.
Aerial Work Platform
Pickup trucks can be equipped with aerial work platform and become multi-purpose operating vehicles. It has the functions of cargo loading, lifting and aerial working, and uses wireless remote control operation system, which is safe, reliable and convenient. This new type of operation vehicle has been widely used in China.
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2)Spare parts: We are dedicated to provide our clients with genuine spare parts with the highest quality,exact fitness and appropriate function. we guarantee that your request will be handled quickly and appropriatel.
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