YAT 205-100 insert ball bearing High quality Pillow Block Bearing

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 YAT 205-100


mm   kN r/min-
124027,4129,564,759500YAR 203/12-2F
12,74027,4129,564,759500YAR 203-008-2F
154027,4129,564,759500YAR 203/15-2F
15,8754022,1129,564,759500YAT 203-010
15,8754027,4129,564,759500YAR 203-010-2F
174022,1129,564,759500YAT 203
174027,4129,564,759500YAR 203-2F
19,054725,51412,76,558500YAT 204-012
19,0547311412,76,558500YAR 204-012-2F
19,0547311412,76,555000YAR 204-012-2RF
19,0547311412,76,555000YAR 204-012-2RF/VE495
19,0547311410,86,555000YAR 204-012-2RF/HV
19,0547311410,86,555000YAR 204-012-2RFGR/HV
19,0547311412,76,558500E2.YAR 204-012-2F
204725,51412,76,558500YAT 204
2047311412,76,558500YAR 204-2F
2047311412,76,558500E2.YAR 204-2F
2047311410,86,555000YAR 204-2RFGR/HV
2047311412,76,551800YARAG 204
2047311412,76,555000YAR 204-2RF/VE495
2047311410,86,555000YAR 204-2RF/HV
2047311412,76,555000YAR 204-2RF
22,2255227,215147,87000YAT 205-014
22,2255234,115147,87000E2.YAR 205-014-2F
238,1255227,215147,87000YAT 205-015
238,1255234,115147,87000YAR 205-015-2F
238,1255234,115147,87000E2.YAR 205-015-2F
238,1255234,115147,87000YAR 205-015-2RF/VE49 5
255227,215147,87000YAT 205
255234,115147,87000YAR 205-2F




    Insert ball bearing unit is consisted of a double sealed, single row bearing and one of housings(cast iron housing, stamping steel housing, stainless steel housing, engineering plastic housing, nodular cast iron housing, nickel plating housing, zinc alloy housing, etc). They are widely used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, textile machinery, foodstuff machinery and conveying devices, etc.


     Pillow block bearings are one of the most popular bearings both at home and abroad. Pillow block bearings are widely used in various kinds of industries and machines such as car wash equipment, construction machinery, fans, HVAC, food processing, metal working machinery, textile machinery, paper making & paper converting equipment & woodworking machinery. QQ20151027143509.jpgQQ20151027143516.jpgQQ20151027143521.jpgQQ20151027143534.jpg


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