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Export China goods heat pipe three target collector tube



Product Description

Heat pipes might seem like a new concept, but you are probably using them every day and do not even know it. Laptop computers often using small heat pipes to conduct heat away from the CPU, and air-conditioning system commonly use heat pipes for heat conduction.


Solar heat pipe tubes are the heart of the VISION heat pipe solar collector, responsible for absorbing sunlight and converting it into usable heat. In the VISION heat pipe solar collector they are used to transfer heat from within the evacuated tube up to the header pipe that is housed in the insulated manifold box.


Technical Data for VISION Solar Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube:


   Vacuum tube size

Φ58*1800mm / Φ47*1500mm  

   Vacuum tube material

High borosilicate glass 3.3

   Selective coating


   Heat pipe diameter

Condenser Φ14/ 24mm, body Φ8mm

   Heat pipe material

TU1 copper

   Heat conductor

Aluminum wrapping

   Tube sealing material

Silicon plug with stainless plate

   Vacuum degree


   Absorption coefficient


   Emission coefficient


   Heat transfer efficiency

≥ 95%

   Heat transfer coefficient

(1.6~2)*104 w/m.k

   Heat transfer power

150 - 180W

   Heat resistance

0.01 - 0.02°C/W


≤ 2 oC

   Start up temperature

≤ 25oC

   Start up rate

30 s

   Heat conducting wise

from liquid to gas and corpuscles 

   Working temperature

(-) 40 ~ 260oC

   Axial thermal conductivity

27.2 MW/M2

   Radial thermal conductivity 

145 KW/M2

   Equivalent heat conductivity

6000-15000 times

   Working angle

15 ~90 o

   Hail resistance


   Duration of element

≥ 15 years

Model Number

Size/ MM

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10 years international responsibility for VISION solar heat pipe vacuum tube due to original quality problems.


Features of VISION Solar Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube:


Structure & Operation

The VISION heat pipe design comprises a long hollow copper pipe with a larger diameter condensor welded at one end. A small amount of high purity water and special additives is added into the heat pipe and then heated to high temperatures to evacuate any air from within the space, the result is a vacuum, similar to the space between the glass walls of the evacuated tube.


In a heat pipe, the vacuum is not used for insulation, but rather to alter the behaviour of the liquid inside. At sea level water boils at 100oC / 212oF, but if you climb to the top of a mountain the boiling temperature will be lower. This is due to the difference in air pressure, and a vacuum is a state of very low pressure. Based on this principle of water boiling at a lower temperature with decreased air pressure, by evacuating the heat pipe we can achieve the same result.


The heat pipes used in VISION solar collectors have a boiling point of only around 25oC, so when the heat pipe is heated above this temperature the water begins to vaporize (turn to steam). This vapour rapidly rises to the top of the heat pipe and carries with it large amounts of heat. As the heat is off-loaded to the cooler liquid circulating through the solar collector header pipe at the pipe top, the vapour condenses to form a liquid (water) and returns to the bottom of the heat pipe to once again repeat the cycle.


During the heat pipe operation cycle the flow of condensed liquid (water) to the bottom relies on gravity and for this reason heat pipes of this design do not work when horizontal and have reduced output when vertical. VISION recommends an installation angle range of 20-80o to ensure optimal solar collector performance.


In vacuum space the water in the heat pipe forms a small ball shape. When the heat pipe is shaken, the ball of water can be heard rattling inside. Although it is just water, it sounds like a piece of hard metal.


While is sounds simple, making a quality heat pipe requires more than 20 manufacturing steps with strict quality control.

pressure heat pipe collector.jpg



The job of the heat pipes in the evacuated tubes is to rapidly transfer away the heat. The heat pipe capacity must therefore be greater than the evacuated tube's maximum output to avoid a bottle neck in the heat transfer chain. VISION heat pipes have an average heat transfer capacity of >110Watts. The maximum heat output of an VISION vacuum tube is around 65Watts.


The VISION heat pipe also features a large head condenser that provides sufficient surface area for optimal heat transfer.



Material quality and cleaning are extremely important to the creation of a good quality heat pipe. The purity of the copper itself must also be very high, containing only trace amounts of oxygen and other impurities. If the copper contains too many impurities, they will leach out into the vacuum over time forming a pocket of air in the top of the heat pipe. This has the effect of moving the heat pipe's hottest point downward away from the bulb where the heat transfer is required to occur. 


VISION produces its own heat pipes in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility, carefully controlling and quality checking each aspect of the production process.


Each heat pipe is tested for heat transfer performance and exposed to 300°C temperatures prior to being approved for use, for this reason the copper heat pipes are relatively soft. Heat pipes that are very stiff have not been exposed to such strictly quality testing, and may form an air pocket in the top over time, thus greatly reducing heat transfer performance.


Freeze Protection

Although the heat pipe inside is a vacuum and the boiling point has been reduced to 25°C, the freezing point is still the same 0°C as water at sea level. Since the heat pipe is located within the vacuum insulated glass tube, night temperatures as low as -40°C will not cause the heat pipe to freeze. The water used in heat pipes still freezes in special cold conditions, but it freezes in a controlled way that does not cause swelling of the copper pipe.


Advantages of VISION Heat Pipe Collector:


Comparing with vacuum tube solar collector:

1. High efficient heat pipe tubes;

2. High pressure and anti-freezing collector;

3. Less heat loss for closed loop circulation;

4. No risk of tube breaking from thermal shock;

5. No risky of tube breaking from water freezing.

6. No system drainage even though one or several tubes are broken;


Comparing with flat plate solar collector:

1. Higher efficiency collector, much lower heat loss with vacuum insulation;

2. Super anti-freezing performance for heat pipes in cold weather condition;

3. No system drainage even though one or several tubes are broken;

4. More convenient in system parts carring and installation;





OEM: Your LOGO information can be made on our solar heat pipe tubes and carton boxes.


ODM: Design can be made according to your requirements such as condensor diameter and length.


Single-target  Tube: Please be noted single-target tube can not be used for heat pipe.



Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: Export strong corrugated carton outside with styrofoam protection inside.


Delivery Detail: Within 7 - 10 days for container order quantity upon confirmed invoice or sales contract.

Our Services

Fast response: Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours via e-mail or online messenger;


Technical support: You have more than 10 years experience from VISION SOLAR for product suggestion, installation guidance, market analysis, etc.


OEM & ODM: We welcome OEM & ODM requirements for heat pipe condesor size, length, etc; 


Sample checking: In spite of quality control in production, samples will be selected and installed to check prior to delivery; 


Minimum order quantity: We offer sample sample manufacturing for customers to check VISION quality and service; 


Shipping service: VISION company offers to arrange goods shipment to abroad ocean port or inland site, and if necessary to make goods insurance, customs clearance, etc; 


Import certificates: VISION company offers to make Certificte Origin CO, FORM A, FORM E, FORM F, customs certification, etc.



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