FND459M FND459Z Complete Freewheel Clutch Unit One Way Sprag Clutch FND 459 Z

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Price:$78.00 - $102.00
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Product Overview


                FND459Z Complete Freewheel Clutch Unit One Way Sprag Clutch FND 459 Z  


Product Description



 Features of FND Complete Freewheel Clutch Unit


Width:34 mm

Operating temperature:max. 100° C


Operative lifetime oil lubrication


Installation tolerances

Shaft h5; hub H6


Catalogue of FND Complete Freewheel Clutch Unit for your choice 


DesignationdDWTnomnmaxCdyn.Cstat.WeightbtItem no.
FND 437 M1541341761,7008,9628,6610.2452.3300737
FND 437 Z1541341611,7008,9628,6610.2452.3300738
FND 442 M2046342231,50010,24710,7080.2862.8300743
FND 442 Z2046342081,50010,24710,7080.2862.8300744
FND 453 M2558343431,20011,41713,5770.4683.3300751
FND 453 Z2558343141,20011,41713,5770.4683.3300752
FND 459 M3064344111,10012,69116,3200.5583.3300758
FND 459 Z3064343811,10012,69116,3200.5583.3300760
FND 463 M3568344621,10013,07017,0630.6103.3306528
FND 463 Z3568344281,10013,07017,0630.6103.3306529
FND 470 M4075345501,00014,05019,8400.69123.3300765
FND 470 Z4075345091,00014,05019,8400.69123.3300766
FND 473 M4578345881,00014,12819,8960.73143.8306532
FND 473 Z4578345431,00014,12819,8960.73143.8306533


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Company Information



Changzhou Suma Precision Machinery Co., Ltd(Changzhou Tianniu Clutch Factory)is a manufacturer specialized in Producing Various cam clutch, one way bearing, one way clutch, backstop clutch, overrunning clutch and other bearings with high technology. 


We are following "Best Quality, Best Price, Fast Delivery, Best Serves" to make all of our old and new customers satisfied. 

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production flow


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Q: How do you pack the goods?

  •  Total less than 25 KG :  Each in white box + 19*18*9cm box + 29*28*19CM carton box 

  •  Total Weight over 100KG : Carton box + Wooden Box / Wooden Pallet 

Q: Can i get the samples from you?

A:  It is highly encouraged to ask for the samples for quality check. 

Q: Can you promise to deliver the goods in time?

  •    Small items: In stock. 

  •     Medium Items: 10-15 Days 

  •     Big items: 20-25 Days 

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