Three way catalyst carrier- cordierite ceramic honeycomb substrate

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Ceramic honeycomb is a new kind of industrial ceramic product developed in recently years. It has thin pore wall, large geometric specific area, low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal impact resistance and stable chemical properties and so on, widely used in various fields.
Ceramic honeycomb is the ideal carrier for catalysts and heat exchanger of purifying industrial waste gas in environmental protection and chemical industry, and also the ideal high-temperature filtering materials of the metallurgy and casting industry.

Ceramic honeycomb substrate is a new kind of catalyst monolith, which is widely used in automobile emissions purifying system and industrial exhaust gas treatment system. After coated with catalysts, this product is applied in catalytic converter of diesel or gasoline vehicle to catalyze, convert and purify the exhaust, making vehicle exhaust reaching standards of Euro IV and Euro V.
Advantage of Honeycomb Ceramic Monolith
1. Thin wall, high surface area.
2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
3. Low back pressure, good air flow.
4. Good thermal shock resistance and heat resistance.
5. High temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
6. High compressive strength and stable water absorption rate.
7. Accurate size control, good for encapsulation.
8. Low light off temperature and high conversion efficiency.
9. Ideal matching with different catalysts.

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