Disease Care apparel - Far infrared Nano tech heating apparel

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Product Overview


Disease Care apparel - Far infrared Nano tech heating apparel

Product Outlines


91% of far-infrared emission between wavelength 4 – 14 um by 99.99% purified molecular-scale Germanium, titanium and π formula implanted into textile fibers. In clinical test, the linen promotes blood flow volume by 42.98%, blood flow speed by 52.36% and rises temperature by 1.3 °C.



A cell-resonance triggered mechanism requires none of electricity, magnetic-wave, radiation, chemistry or medicine for securing top-rank human safety and convenience.



The special hallow-fiber, drawing from an energy ball implanted international-patent precious-metal formula, issues soft-touch, light weight, thermal insulation, and rare loss of F-IR energy. 



99% far-infrared energy remains without regression after 150-time washing, and durable for 140.C high-pressured steaming.



Innovation patents in US, EU, Germany and Taiwan, medical device certificates of USA, EU, ISO13485, GMP, etc..

Recommended for:

(1)   Elders, children and women who are sensitive to coldness in winter.

(2)   Individuals engaging in prolonged driving or sitting.

(3)   Patients with chronic conditions who require prolonged bed rest.

(4)   Patients with pacemakers, as it does not relate electromagnetic interference.

(5)   Stroke patients who cannot roll over by themselves.



(1)  ISO13485 and GMP Taiwan certificates since 2011.

(2)  Innovation Patent EU 06389EP since 2020.

(3)  Innovation Patent US 2013/0341819 A1 since 2013.

(4)  Innovation Patent Germany A47G 9/00 since 2013.

(5)  Innovation Patent Taiwan I 487818 since 2015.

(6)  TCU Blood Flow Test for Diabetics, Taiwan 2018.

(7)  TTRI Blood Flow Test, Taiwan 2009.

(8)  CHUMT Skin Roughness Test for Females, Taiwan 2015.

(9)  Super Lab Cell Proliferation, Taiwan 2013.

(10) ITRI Far-IR Emss. Rate/After 150 Washes Test, Taiwan 2010.

(11) INER/AEC Gamma-spectrometric Analysis, Taiwan 2010.

(12) ITRI Far Infrared Emission Rate Test, Taiwan 2009.


Customer Benefits

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Medical Pro

 Circulation efficacies supervised by clinical research

 Medical-level identical and constant production quality
100% Safety   Eelectricity-free radiation-free and medicine-free
 Safe use for pregnant women and children
Value Choice  Offering energetic and comfort experience
 Permanently effective under washing or steaming



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Company Information

GreenE (Green Energy Nano Tech Co.) started in 2008 by founder Dr. Liang searching therapy for his bedridden mother. He recruited medical and high-tech teams to launch medical-level bio-band far-infrared textiles which acquire over 100 international patents and invention awards. Thus Dr. Liang and GreenE are well-known as an expert in circulation and health in medical as well as textile industries.



 Green’s MPF molecular-physics-formula fibers, implanted 99.99%-purity Ge and Ti from Germany with patents and trophies in US, EU and Japan, generate Bio-band F-IR for deep circulation metabolism applications under skin and muscle in electricity-free, medicine-free and radiation-free way which means 100% safety for human body. Due to the reagent precious-metal formula implanting into the textile fibers by a molecular-scale way, the bio-band F-IR emissivity retains 99% efficacy after 150-time washes.  

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Products are developed under clinical researches with top-notch hospitals and laboratories, be certificated by USA and EU medical-appliance licenses, and be manufactured in the ISO9001 and ISO13485 plant. GreenE also keeps its made-in-Taiwan policy for reliable medical-level quality and its variety of products are awarded with Taiwan Excellence titles for years. More than that, GreenE products have been affirmed with medals in the notable international invention campaigns by its innovative and mature applications of its patented MPF technology.     

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Nowadays there are more GreenE’s innovative medical products, and more OEM/ODM products adopting GreenE’s patent technologies having been launched in five continents globally, which deliver health, beauty and full energy to millions of customers.  




Packaging & Shipping



Corporate Strength

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  • Core-technology patent registered in USA, EU, Japan, Germany, Taiwan
  • Invention awards issued in USA, UK, France, Japan



  • Co-develop with top-notch hospitals, universities and laboratories in Taiwan
  • Clinical papers published in NIH USA, Japan, etc.



  • ISO9001, ISO13485, Taiwan-GMP licenses
  • Medical-appliance Make registration in USA and CE
  • 100% developed and manufactured in Taiwan



  • Medical-appliance Class-I certificated in USA
  • Medical-appliance Class-I certificated in EU (MDR)
  • Medical-appliance Class-I certificated in Taiwan



  • Supplier Business verification issued by TUV Rheinland
  • Manufacturer of medical supplies validated by Dun & Bradstreet





Q1: Why your far-infrared products are so expensive? What happened?

  • We offer medical-level bio-band far-infrared solutions with therapeutic and human-safe efficacies. We do not produce consumption-level F-IR products which issue thermal functions and some other unexpected emissions .
  • GreenE products are manufactured by international-patent molecular-physics technology and in medical-appliance plants in Taiwan.
  • GreenE products are co-developed with medical-teams and their efficacies are proven and examined by clinical researches.


Q2: What are the main customers and users of your GreenE products?

  • Daily healthcare purpose for people under high pressure or metabolism discomforts.
  • Sports enthusiasts and pro-athletes for injury prevention or performance upgrading.
  • Ill patients e.g. diabetic, bedridden, etc. to enhance life quality significantly.
  • Doctor’s therapy for patients home-care regarding pain relief, surgery recovery, etc..
  • Substitute therapy for Chines-medicine doctors especially in acupuncture treatment.


Q3: Do you accept customized orders and co-development projects?

  • Yes, we are a vertical-integrated manufacturer and total-solution provider. We are open for OEM or ODM orders and development projects from global B2B clients.
  • For security of medical F-IR efficacies, we expect and will ask clients to commit the ingredient proportion of GreenE’s patented bio-band F-IR fibers. 


Q4: It interests me to sell GreenE products in my country, what is the offer?

  • We welcome kinds of cooperation e.g. wholesaler, retailer, non-exclusive distribution or exclusive distribution.
  • Your business size does not matter, we appreciate your passion and expertise especially in medicine-science, pharmacy or pro-athletic field. We look for long-term relationships with distributors.


Q5: What is the warranty period of these GreenE products?

  • Due to the international-patent molecular-physic technology, the bio-band F-IR efficacy in the GreenE fibers are permanent and without regression.
  • However, textiles have their own lives by daily wears and damages, thus we recommend our distributors to set warranty period from 1 to 3 years depending on the markets.
  • Regarding the disposable products like Pain Relief Tape, we recommend 36-hour life for patching and 3~5 year warranty for storage.





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