Direct Factory of AS/NZS1576 approved Galvanized Layher Scaffolding

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Product Overview


Direct Factory of AS/NZS 1576 approved Galvanzied Layher Scaffolding


Layher Type Scaffolding Advantages:


(1) Easy assembly and dismantling
(2) High loading-bearing capacity.

(3) Economic and versatile designing to meet various construction projects.

(4) Stable and durable 



Layher Type Scaffolding Basic Components:

1. Standard: 48.3x3.25MM, Q235/Q345 high tensile steel pipe


Standard -W/spigot, Q345, 48.3x3.2MMWeight kgWeight lbs
Standard 0.5m/1'8" (1 Ring)3.11 6.84 
Standard 1.0m/3'3" (2 Ring)5.51 12.12 
Standard 1.5m/4'11" (3 Ring) 7.88 17.34 
Standard 2.0m/6'6" (4 Ring) 10.30 22.66 
Standard 2.5m/8'2" (5 Ring)12.60 27.72 
Standard 3.0m/9'9"' (6 Ring)15.10 33.22 

Ringlock standard.jpg 2. Ledger: 48.3x3.2MM/3.0MM,   Q235/Q345 high tensile steel pipe

Ledger O-Type, Q345/Q235, 48.3x3.2MMWeight kgWeight lbs
Ledger O-Type 0.39m/1'3"2.35 5.17 
Ledger O-Type 0.45m/1'6"2.57 5.65 
Ledger O-Type 0.61m/2'0"3.16 6.95 
Ledger O-Type 0.65m/2'2"3.30 7.26 
Ledger O-Type 0.73m/2'5"3.61 7.94 
Ledger O-Type 0.88m/2'10 5/8"4.15 9.13 
Ledger O-Type 0.91m/3'4.28 9.42 
Ledger O-Type 1.04m/3'5"4.72 10.38 
Ledger O-Type 1.065m/3'6"4.83 10.63 
Ledger O-Type 1.09m/3'7"4.92 10.82 
Ledger O-Type 1.15m/3'10"5.14 11.31 
Ledger O-Type 1.21m/4'5.40 11.88 
Ledger O-Type 1.29m/4'3"5.64 12.41 
Ledger O-Type 1.40m/4'7"6.06 13.33 
Ledger O-Type 1.52m/5'6.52 14.34 
Ledger O-Type 1.57m/5'2"6.69 14.72 
Ledger O-Type 1.57m/5'2"6.69 14.72 
Ledger O-Type 1.82m/6'7.64 16.81 
Ledger O-Type 2.07m/6'10"8.53 18.77 
Ledger O-Type 2.13m/7'8.75 19.25 
Ledger O-Type 2.43m/8'9.88 21.74 
Ledger O-Type 2.57m/8'5"10.37 22.81 
Ledger O-Type 3.05m/10'12.13 26.69 
Ledger O-Type 3.07m/10'1"12.21 26.86 

 Ringlock ledger.jpg

3. Diagonal Brace:  48.3x3.2MM/3.0MM/2.5MM,   Q235

Bay Brace, Q235, 48.3x2.5MMWeight kgWeight lbs
Bay Brace 2.0 x 0.73m /2'5"7.95 9.11 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 0.88 m/2'10 5/8"8.09 9.27 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 0.91m/3'0"8.12 9.30 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.04m/3'5"8.25 9.45 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.065m/3'6"8.29 9.50 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.09m/3'7"8.32 9.53 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.15m/3'10"8.39 9.61 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.21m/4'0"8.49 9.73 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.29m/4'3"8.58 9.83 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.40m/4'7"8.75 10.03 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.52m/5'0"8.95 10.25 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.57m/5'2"9.02 10.33 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.57m/5'2"9.03 10.35 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 1.82m/6'0"9.48 10.86 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 2.07m/6'10"9.96 11.25 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 2.13m/7'0"10.07 11.38 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 2.43m/8'010.73 12.12 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 2.57m/8'5"11.03 12.46 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 3.05m/10'0"12.14 13.71 
Bay Brace 2.0 x 3.07m/10'1"12.19 13.77 

Ringlock brace.jpg

4. Scaffolding Ringlock Plank: 1.5x320x75MM, Q235s:caffolding ringlock systems

Ring plank.png

5. Scaffolding Ringlock Jack Base: 38x4MM, L0.6M, Q235affolding ringlock system

Ringlock jack base.jpg

6. Scaffolding Ringlock Base Collar: Q345/Q235

Starter/Base CollarWeight kgWeight lbs
Starter/Base Collar 325mm2.00 4.40 
Starter/Base Collar 355mm2.55 5.61 

7. Scaffolding Layher other components: Hop up Brackets, Truss Ledger, Mid Transom, Aluminum Stairs are all offered.

The direct factory of AS/NZS1576 Approved Galvanzied layher Scaffolding. Any enquiry, please contact with us for more details.


Packing and Shipping Details



About us


1.We have rich experience:More than 15+ years experience on manufacturing and exporting scaffoldings.

2.We have advanced equipment and qualified welders:Automatic welding process and more than 13 welding lines.

3.Strict quality control system:Including incoming material inspection and testing; Inprocess inspection, load testing and welding tensile testingof; Finish products, the relevant testing reports of each order are available.

4.Main markets: America, Canada, Venezuela, Australian, New Zealand, The UK, Germany etc,._10




Q :Are you trading company or factory?
A :We are 100% factory and located in Rizhao.
Q:How long is your delivery date?
A:Normally the delivery date is about 3-4 weeks after receiving your advance payment, large quantity need to negociate in advance before placing order.
Q:What is your payment term?
A:30%-70%TT.L/C at sight.









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