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,Working Principle

Vacuum feeder is a vacuum feeding machine by using pneumatic vacuum pump as vacuum source. With this vacuum feeder materials could be conveyed directly from container into mixer, reactor, silo, tablet machine, packing machine, vibration sieve, granulator, capsule filling machine, wet granulator, dry granulator and disintegrator. To use this feeder could lighten workers’ labor intensity, put an end to powder pollution and ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements.

When “ON/OFF” key is pressed, compressed air gets into vacuum pump and the discharge of the hopper, driven by pneumatic cylinder, is closed, vacuum is established in hopper. Vacuum feeder will form an air current under vacuum. Operated by this air current, material is fed to vacuum hopper via hose. After a period of time (feeding time, adjustable) compressed air is cut off, pneumatic vacuum pump could not generate vacuum and the discharge of the hopper, driven by pneumatic cylinder, gets open, the vacuum in vacuum feeder disappears, and material is automatically discharged from the discharge into the receiving machine (such as tablet press and packing machine). Meanwhile, the compressed air stored in the air tank blows the filter in reverse to make the filter cleaned automatically. After a period of time (discharge time, adjustable) compressed air is restarted, pneumatic vacuum pump generates vacuum, discharge is closed, vacuum feeder feeds material again, in this way the feeder works in cycles to make the material fed into receiving machine continuously.

 For the vacuum feeder with material level control automatic feeding is realized with the hopper of the material-receiving machine through material level control. When the material level is higher than a position in the hopper of the material-receiving machine, vacuum feeder stops feeding, but when he material level is lower than a position in the hopper, vacuum feeder starts feeding automatically. And feeding on the material-receiving machine is thus completed.


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What should we know when you choose a vacuum conveyor?

1.Materials name and density that you want to conveying(how's the liquidity of material)?
2.What's the capacity per hour?
3.We also need to know the horizontal distance and vertical high that you want to conveying? 
4.What equipment you want to conveying materials to?

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