2018 новые антисептические подпорные деревянные стены для использования в саду

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Product Overview


                                           Antiseptic Retaining Wood Walls for Garden Use 



Quick description

Antiseptic Retaining Wood Walls for Garden Use 

1. Temperature increase and high temperature drying:
Wood temperature is raised rapidly using heat and steam to a level of around 100 °C. In this phase we use steam because if the heat temperature of wood is too much this wood directly explored, so we need to use steam. In this phase the moisture become nearly to (%0). 
2. Heat Treatment:
Whenever high heat drying is occurred the temperature is increased to a level of 185-215 °C. After we reach to that heat temperature with the type of wood (2-3) hour is remains in the same heat. In this phase the steam make the wood not burn.
3. Give the moisture to wood:
In the final stage, the temperature is reduced to 50°C-60 °C by using water spraying system, this process is continued to when the moisture content is reached to 4% -6%.

Detailed description

Antiseptic Retaining Wood Walls for Garden Use 



The letter ‘S’ in ‘Thermo-S’ stands for ‘stability’. Along with appearance, stability is a key property in the end user applications of the products in this treatment Class. The average tangential swelling and shrinkage due to moisture for Thermo-S class treated wood is 6–8%.


Thermo-S Soft Wood

Thermo-S Hard Wood:

- Building Components
- Furnishing in dry conditions
- furniture
- garden furniture
- sauna benches
- door and window components
- Cladding

- Furnishing
- Furniture

- Flooring
- Sauna structures
- Garden furniture


The letter ‘D’ in ‘Thermo-D’ stands for ‘durability’. Along with appearance, Biological durability is a key property in the end user applications of products in this treatment class. The average tangential swelling and shrinkage due to moisture for Thermo-D class treated wood is 5–6%.


Thermo-D Softwood

Thermo-D Hardwood

- cladding

- outer doors

- shutters

- environmental constructions

- sauna and bathroom furnishing

- flooring

- garden furniture

End user applications as in Thermo-S.

If a darker color is desired, Thermo-D

Should be used.










1.a strong shrink wrap, corners reinforced, very safe packaging (plastic bands), fiberboard covering, on wood pallets.

2. We can gauge by 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container regulations.



We usually go by sea transport


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Antiseptic Retaining Wood Walls for Garden Use 

1.We are a manufacturer with low price and fast deliver.

Timely deliveries.

2.Customer focused approach. 

3.Free samples by DHL/UPS/TNT after confirmation.

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Henan Junyu Export & Import Trading Co., Ltd.is now one of the largest enterprises for the good reputation and high quality of the products.We are specialized in edge glued board, jointed boards, wood panels, sawn wood, S4S boards,  finger jointed boards, plywood ,wall panel , furniture parts, Flooring boards, Fence panels, coffin board etc. We have rich resources and our price is very competitive. 95% of our products have been exported to overseas countries like Malaysia, Japan, Italy, USA, Vietnam, Mid East etc. We has won a good reputation among our customers both at home and abroad. Antiseptic Retaining Wood Walls for Garden Use 

Our commitment

Antiseptic Retaining Wood Walls for Garden Use 

1.Our company's philosophy, the quality of the product is the most critical.

2.Products have a special inspection personnel inspection,to ensure the supply of only superior quality products to customers.

3.Can be customized for clients of any size, any style

4.Different price of products for different customers.

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