Ethernet over Coax POE IP Camera over Coaxial extender without power adapter

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Product Overview


NF-9801 EOC+POC+POE Converter IP Ethernet Over Coax Extender for cctv IP Cameras security systems


Product Description


Nufiber NF-9801 Ethernet over Coax Extender allows IP cameras to transmit over Coax cabling. It allows the system to extend IP cameras beyond cable distance limitations and also acts as a PoE inserter. The System transmits IP cameras over coax and can quickly turn any ordinary RG59U coaxial cable into a high speed network communication & PoE path. When operating over RG59U coaxial cable, the IP camera extender can operate for distances of up to 300 meters. NF-9801 Ethernet over Coax extender system consists of a transmitter and receiver which require very little installation time & absolutely no set up or configuration.



1. Ethernet over Coax - Converts Ethernet UTP to transmit network data and PoE over standard coax cable.

2. Saves costs and time – Avoids rewiring and expense of traditional Ethernet UTP cable.

3. High data rate – Support 100 Base-T for high network bandwidth requirements of Mega-pixel cameras or multiple IP cameras.

4. Easy to install - No IP or MAC address configuration and other networking setup required.

5. Easy upgrade to IP - Converts existing analog CCTV system over coaxial cable to retrofit analog CCTV installations into IP Digital systems.

6. Extends standard Ethernet – Transmits10/100Base-T up to distances of 300 meters

7. Compatible capability - Fully transparent to Ethernet networks and higher layer protocols.





10/100Base-TX IEEE 802.3af(15.4W) RJ45 ×1
BNC×1(Support POE/PSE-PD)

Transmission medium

75-5 coaxial cable, RG59

LED Indicators

PWR(Power supply) M/S(Links/Data) LRE(Trunk Links) POE(Power over Ethernet)  L/A(Links/Data)               

Protocol standard

IEEE 802.3i,IEEE 802.3u,IEEE 802.3x Flow Control,IEEE 802.3af DTE Power via MDI

Data rate


Transmission distance

1500M(No POE), 0~300M(with POE)

Performance Specification


Network Latency

Less than 20µs for 64-byte frames in Store and forwardmode for 100Mbps to 100Mbps transmission

DC Power input

DC52V(Peak Value 44~56V) , NF-9801-PD

No power, NF-9801-PSE

Operating environment

Operating temperature; -10℃~ +50℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~ +70℃
Operating humidity: 10%-90% non-condensing




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Ordering Information 

Model Number



10/100M 1BNC+1LAN EOC Etherent over Coaxial Extender,
Transmission Distance:0~1.5km, Power Supply: 12V


10/100M 1BNC+2wire Etherent over twisted-pair Extender,
Transmission Distance:0~1.5km, Power Supply: 12V


10/100M 1BNC+4LAN (Slave) Ethernet over Coaxial Extender,
Transmission Distance: 0~1.5km, Power Supply: 12V


10/100M 4BNC+1LAN (Master) Ethernet over Coaxial Extender,
Transmission Distance: 0~1.5km, Power Supply: 12V


10/100M 1BNC+1LAN Etherent over Coaxial Extender, EOC+ POC, Transmission Distance: 0~900meters, Power Supply: 52V


10/100M 1BNC+1LAN Etherent over Coaxial Extender with POE function,
 Transmission Distance:0~300meters, Power Supply: 52V


10/100M 1BNC+2Wire Etherent over Coaxial Extender with POE 
function, Transmission Distance:0~300meters, Power Supply: 52V

Connection Diagram 
1.png 9801PD+9801PSE.jpg


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