Yincai Photo Sensitive Emulsion for Silkscreen Printing Plate

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High sensitivity, high resolution, the viaduct, solvent resistance and retinal flexibility is good, excellent printing eligibility, screen demoulding good reproducibility.


Apply to the PCB, PUC, PU leather, advertising signs, ceramic transfer printing, printing, digital printing, ceramics, glass, paper printing, signs, arts and crafts, etc.

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Preparation methods of emulsion

Supporting the photosensitizer 1 bag with 50-100 cc water dissolves, pour into the emulsion to mixture stirring.

Mixing of emulsion liquid with more than 250 mesh screen filter, deaeration placed half or 1.

The emulsion mixed with the photosensitizer to keep in the shade, please run out within 2 weeks, stored in a 5-10 ℃ cold storage, taboo under 0 ℃ storage in winter.

1.Stretch the mesh: Matching the required mesh, stretch the mesh accoding to the tension and Angle, stick the mesh on the aluminum screen frame.Mesh has different type,jus like polyester, nylon, stainless steel materials,the dyeing of polyester, nylon mesh can prevent the reflection.

2.Wash the screen: use the special screen cleaner to clean, skim.
3.Coating: Using hand or coating machine for coating on the finished stretching and washing screen. Emulsion has single fluid (SBQ) and double liquid (diazo department), the double liquid emulsion needs to be sensitized before coating, diazo photosensitive completely dissolved with emulsion mixed evenly, it can be used after deaeration. Single type fluid emulsion can not be used until gently stiring well. Avoid bringing into the bubble by the coating scraper, drying temperature in 30 to 40 ℃.The thickness of the film according to the requirements of the printing material, the thickness of the membrane can be controlled by the number of coating engineering.

4.Drying:Drying under 40℃.
Exposing: Stick the negative of film on the P side of screen, exposing under ultraviolet light, ultraviolet irradiation of a part of the loss of water soluble, according to the sensitive glue,the exposure time is different.

5.Note: Underexposure can reduce resistant printing times of the screen , to much exposure affects the sharpness of the image.
6.Keeping: The best conditions is that the storage temperature of 20 ℃, relative humidity of 45-60 ℃, and is the original unopened, and away from direct sunlight or ultraviolet light.Sheet should be flat, not high pressure pile up or heavy object on it.

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We have a strict Quality Control System to ensure the premium quality from raw material inspection. Firstly, only top manufacturer of raw material will chosen. Every suppliers’ every sample material will be inspected carefully . Once we choose a supplier, we will not change it at random. For all the batches of raw materials, we test them thoroughly to make sure that the quality meet our standard before we use them for production.

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We could accept paypal, western union, TT,
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MOQ is one kg.

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