Summer outdoor decoration equipment uv meter and artificial style uv tester wristband for child

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Product Overview



Soft pvc rubber material uv meter

 artificial style uv tester wristband for child



Product Description 


MaterialChanged color PVC
Product Size23*3.8*0.4cm
Packingpoly bag
Qty per carton1000pcs
Box size49*25*25cm
Gross weight9.0KG
Net Weight8.5KG

poly bag



why you need a uv tester?

     UV light is present in sunlight and can cause chemical reactions in certain materials. This reaction causes them to glow, which is called fluoresce. UV tests look at the ultraviolet spectrumfor commercial uses and ultraviolet detection for UV protection.


                                                                                  Product detail  


2.jpgPFT-306-10.JPGUV sensor.jpg




 1.uv detector watch


 2.the center area can change the color according to UV index


 3. logo added as requires


 4.promtion model5.Cool sport style




Solar UVwatch like clock form. The central part is made in photosensitive material and change the colour with the intensity of the UV radiation.




In order to know the UV index, will be enough if you compare the colour that are in the central part of the quadrant  with the 4 colours that are around.




The 4 colours indicator go from the clearest to the darkest in function  of the minus or greater intensity of UV rays:




Low intensity : UV index 1-2  (The protection is not necessary).








Moderate intensity: UV index 3-5 (is necessary the protection: put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat and  sun protection).








High intensity: UV index  6-7 (is necessary the protection: Put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat, sun protection).












Very high / Extreme intensity: UV index  8-9-10 / 11 + (avoid to be outdoors).













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