Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Production Line Carbon Steel with CE ISO 1200kg/h 15cube Meter 18.5kw/h / Provided 1.6*2.2*8.5 M

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Price:RUB 1,387,168.20 - RUB 38,532,450.00
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Product Overview


coconut shell charcoal making productiong line with CE ISO

Product Description


 carbonization (39) - carbonization (28) -

Equipment Introduction

Combustible garbage carbonization treatment project is a combustible waste as raw materials, "High temperature pyrolysis, gas volatile, sulfur release Carbon enrichment "process made" man-made carbon " waste treatment technology. This kind of technology in the world has done more than 30 years of research and trials history. Due to the low energy consumption of this process, the equipment is relatively simple and less environmental pressures, by-product reduction clear, smoke-free free of sulphur, heavy metals and high calorific value, obviously notable features such as resources, Are being widely promoted to municipal solid waste plant vine, rural, industrial, paper wastes, industries and sectors such as municipal sludge, soil improvement! Garbage carbonization technology combustible waste can bereduced in size by more than 95% than direct landfill will save more than 80%Put an end to the waste disposal generally exists in stacking fermentation odor emissions, As well as secondary noxious liquid leakage to the atmosphere and groundwater pollution; By-product of garbage carbonization process "artificial carbon" fixed carbon content is high (about 90%), About twice the coal (coal-fired fixed carbon content of 55%), With good flammability is a new advanced fuels, Simultaneously the partial carbonization of rubbish can be activated very scalable (can activate up to 75%), Is the ideal material for adsorption of activated carbon.



Technical Details

Biomass Carbonization Plant







Raw material

Sawdust, coconut shell, wood, rice husk and other biomass material/ waste sludge





Capacity (kg/h)






Operating mode


Rotary speed of furnace


3-9 turn/ min

Power (Kw/h)






Host size (Width*Height* Length)












 Processing range

The industries and departments of urban living garbage, rural plant vines, industrial papermaking waste, municipal sludge treatment, soil improvement and so on.


Process of carbonizing machine

After the process which includes high temperature pyrolysis, volatile gas, sulfur emission, carbon enrichment of garbage disposal technology, The end product we get is artificial carbon.



carbonization kiln


 Process flow diagram




1. As we all know, the direct landfill of the urban waste not only endangers environment, brings hazard to human health but also results in huge waste of resources.


2. The technology of Garbage carbonization could reduce the volume of the combustible waste more than 95%, Compared with Compared with the method of directly landfill, it even could save the occupied area more than 80%.


3. Also put an end to common deposit stacking fermentation of odor emissions from the garbage heap, and the secondary pollution to the atmosphere and groundwater from the harmful liquid leakage.







4. After the carbonization treatment of the garbage, the byproduct is artificial carbon, which owns fixed higher carbon content ( about 90% ), Compared with the general coal, it is about twice its carbon content ( usually fixed carbon content of coal is 55% ). Besides, it is a new type of high-grade fuel with good flammability, While some of the garbage after carbonization have very strong activation( it can be activated up to 75% ), There is no doubt that it is an ideal material for Activated Carbon adsorption.



Packaging & Shipping



 Packaging and Shipping 




30 working days for delivery after first payment. 


Our Services


Our service 




  • Delivery time- It will be 30 days after we receive the deposit.
  • 24 hours online service.
  • One year warranty from the date of receiving. The warranty equipment within warranty time, facilities failure is freely repaired or replaced by our company.
  • According to users’ needs, after deliver equipment, we can send technical personnel to train operation, maintenance.
  • After the expiration, seller provide spare parts at cost price.
  • Seller provide free lifetime technical services.
  • Whether it is within the warranty period, once receiving a notification service, maintenance personnel to reach the user site in 48 hours.
  • Regular visits, listen to users’ comments and suggestions on the service quality and product quality.



We Company aim: integrity first, quality first, customer supremacy, and thoughtful service, and constantly develop new products.







Successful Cases


Running plant 





carbonization furnace



With professional services enable customers to maximize the benefits!


We hereby promise:


We will consistently stick on our conception of sincerity, safety, professionalism, top-quality to serve clients and maximize customer's benefit!


In the meantime, our company hammer at perfecting upstanding service, including presale &aftersale service, to save customer's worry.




Installation site



Installation and Commissioning






Our company will send one technician for each set of machine for guiding your installation, testing the machine and training your workers. The installation period shall be 2-3 months; otherwise, you have to pay extra salary for the technician with the price of RMB400.00 per day (equals USD64.00 per day). The round tickets and accommodation shall be taken by customer.



Company Information

Company profile 


We Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of biomass waste carbonization machine, waste tire, rubber, plastic pyrolysis plant(models:WJ-6, WJ-8, WJ-9) , and waste oil , crude oil , used oil. waste engine oil refining or distillation equipment(models:JL-1, JL-2, ZL-1, ZL-2, ZL-3) and carbon black processing maxchine with 15 years experience.

Hope to have the chance to cooperate with you in the near future.





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