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MAGNI DBK250 Air Disc Brake/Pneumatic Brake With Air Cooling Fan

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Introduction of DBK Pneumatic Air Disc Brake

The DBK Air Disc Brake is used in high accuracy tension control situation, can provides many kinds of torque control, has a great ability of radiation,the air disc brake can have a widely application in processing of industries, as the packing, tissue paper and corrugated paper. The friction disc of chucks brake can choose at will, convenient for the installation and the maintenance, the air disc brake can use with the user brake disc.DBK air brake already available in on equipment of brand-new design and also equipment transformation. This model can supply the type with cooling fan or not.


Features of DBK Pneumatic Air Disc Brake

1. Wide-range torque control


 2. Free of change


3. Well heat dissipation

4.Simple installation and great response


5. Quickness and convenience of changing non-asbestos friction plate.


Technical Parameter of DBK Pneumatic Air Disc Brake



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Application of DBK Pneumatic Air Disc Brake



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