Sisal Fiber 100% Natural for Gypsum Board/Art Craft/Ropes 100kgs/bale

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About Sisal Fiber

Sisal Fiber Extraction

Sisal fiber is extracted by a process known as decortication, where leaves are crushed, beaten, and brushed away by a rotating wheel set with blunt knives, so that only fibers remain. The fiber is then dried, brushed and baled for export. 

Sisal Fiber Drying

Proper drying is important as fiber quality depends largely on moisture content. fiber is subsequently cleaned by brushing. Dry fibers are machine combed and sorted into various grades, largely on the basis of the previous in-field separation of leaves into size groups

Features of sisal fiber

Sisal is a common species of agave, mainly grows in tropical regions.
The sisal fiber, extracted from the leaf sheath, has the characteristics of white, Tough texture (strong tensile force), flexible, resistant to sea water immersion and rub, less glue, not easy to slip and others. 

Applications of sisal fiber

Sisal fiber is widely used in navigation, oilfield, mine, lumbering, architectural industry, civil use and transportation.

Such as gypsum board, wall paper, paper pulp, sisal ropes, cat toys, insole, brush, bouquet packing, aircraft and bouquet packing.

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Plant Base & Factory
About US
Nanning Jie Cheng Hang Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of sisal products in China and cater to more than 30 countries globally.
Established in Nanning City of Guangxi province , engaging in sisal plantation , processing and marketing. We own 50 million square meters of sisal base and three processing factories in China. Our aim is to make full use of Guangxi's unique subtropical climate and vast land, to organize hard-working farmers together to build up sisal industry, to provide a good working environment for local farmers, to promote local agricultural economic development, and to provide safe & environmentally friendly & good quality sisal products to customers at home and abroad.

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