New Sine Wave control, Smart Pie 5 250W-500W electric bicycle motor with app, built-in programmable controller PLN 17209

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Product Overview


Product Name
Smart Pie 5 Electric bicycle conversion kit, E bike Motor
Motor Type
Brushless And Gear Less
Input Voltage
Open Voltage (20-60V)
Rated Power
Motor Speed
380RPM (Customizable 500 RPM)
Top Speed of Bike
45KMH With 26'' RIM
Size Available
1 Year 
Life Time
> 5 Years
All-in-one integrated Cable with Waterproof Thumb or Twist Throttle with Battery gauge, Brake levers, Cruise control button.
  • Key features:

1. Built-in Sine Wave controller Vector Control
2. Bluetooth wireless connection!! 
3. Upgraded GM Speedometer display on Cell Phone/iPad available for Android/IOS!(FREE software) 
4. Upgraded Sine Wave controller with true vector control. Highest Reliability! 
5. Parameter Programable 
6. Higher Torque&Higher Efficiency 
7. Lower noisy 
8. True temperature sensor inside and Lower overheating 
9. Regenerative braking 
10. Support 6/7-speed thread freewheel

Wheel size available:
Thumb Throttle/Twist Throttle
Free for Online orders
Brake Levers
Free for Online Orders
Cruise Control Buttons
Free for Online Orders
LCD Display
Extra $68 USD
Bluetooth Adaptor
Extra $30 USD
Extra 8 USD
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Front Motor Drawing

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What make SmartPie and MagicPie No.1 E-bike conversion kits?
1. Brushless gear less motor: no gear means reliable, quiet, high efficiency, long working life, maintenance free.
2. Built in controller: no messy exposed wirings, less connection problems, easy to install, neat looking products.
3. Sine wave controller with true vector control: smooth control, more responsive, higher reliability, higher efficiency, higher torque, lower noise, no vibration at low speed.
4. Bluetooth programmable controller: control parameters programming via Bluetooth wireless connection, customizable for different EV applications.
5. Strong climbing torque: achieved by using strong rare earth magnets, innovative motor design, and top quality MOSFETS used.
6. Open voltages 24/36/48V: user adjustable power and speed, self upgradable from 24V to 48V to meet local regulations.
7. Built-in cooling fan: removing 60% heat, better performance for motor and controller, higher climbing capability.
8. Regenerative braking function: when braking, the motor becomes generator to charge battery.
Product Usage
Satisfied buyers have spread out globally reaching more than 50 countries. They are so glad with our electric hub motors to share
the photos and videos with us. There are some photos from our clients

Packing: We use very strong carton, safe, compact, shipping cost saving.
Shipping By Express
For Sample orders, we can ship it by Express(DHL, UPS, FedEX, EMS, TNT and so on.) to your door. It will take only 3-5 working days to reach your door.
Shipping by Sea
For Big orders, we can ship the goods by sea to your close sea port. The shipping cost will be very low, but will take 15-35 days to reach you, based on your location.
Company Introduction
Golden Motor Technology Co Ltd is emerging as one stop shop for key components of personal electric vehicles(PEV), from electric bicycles to electric cars. You can always find suitable solutions, parts for your EV applications from us. With our strong R&D team, established dealer networks over 60 countries, we are confident to provide our valuable customers with top quality products and services at competitive cost.
Golden Motor is now well positioned as a solution provider of electric bikes, power wheelchairs, electric motorcycles, electric boats and electric car drive kits, matched controllers, Lithium batteries and accessories. By using current available materials and latest technology, our products provide high performance, feature rich and inexpensive solutions for personal electric transportation products and industrial applications.
Q: How do i choose Magic Pie / Magic Pie Edge / Smart Pie ? (What is the difference between them ?)
A: 1. The power is different.
Magic pie power range is 500W/750W/1000W with Different Battery 24V/36V/48V
Magic Pie Edge power range is 350W/500W/750W with different battery 24V/36V/48V
Smart Pie power range is 250W/350W/450W with different battery 24V/36V/48V
2. The size is different.
3. The price is different.
Q: What is the advantage of Front Motor Vs Rear Motor ?
A: Front motor is easier to build. Rear motor is safer when driving.
Q: Which wheel size should i Choose ?
A: It is based on your bike's wheel size. Our motor is to replace your front or rear wheel.
If you are making business, we suggest you should buy 26'' , which is most popular based on our experience.
Q: What the fork size of your motor ?
A: Front motor fork size is 100mm. Rear Motor fork size is 135mm.
Q: What the speed i can get with your motor ?
A: With 48V Battery, 26'' motor can reach 45KMH. Different wheel size will make the speed different.
Q: What is the driving time / Range ?
A: It will be based on the battery capacity you will use. For example, with our 48V 10AH battery, the range should be about 30KM. And driving time is about 30-40 minutes.
Q: Can i use different battery with 1 of your motor ?
A: Yes, you can use 24V, 36V, or 48V battery with 1 motor. And all kind of batteries are no problem.
Q: Can i use both LCD display and Bluetooth with your motor ?
A: Yes, both LDC display and bluetooth are working with our Magic pie, edge, smart pie motors. All the controllers are the same.
Q: Can you ship the good to my country ?
A: Yes, we can ship the Samples by Express(DHL, FedEX and so on) to your door. For big orders, we ship by sea to your sea port.
Q: What is the delivery time ?
A: For samples orders, it will take 1-2 days to ship your order. For bulk order, it will take 2-3 weeks to ship it.
Q: What is the shipping time ?
A: Delivery by Express will take 3-5 working days to reach your door. Delivery by sea will take 15-35 days to reach your port.
Q: What is the payment method ?
A: We accept Paypal, TT(Bank Transfer), Western Union, L/C...
Q: How can i make the order ?
A: You can make the order online through alibaba. You can also contact our sales to order it. Our sales will offer you the invoice and after-sale service.
Q: How can i become your distributor ?
A: You need to make an initial order of 10000 USD to become our official distributor. And we will make a distributor agreement with you.
Q: Do you offer warranty ?
A: Yes, we will offer 12 months warranty for all our products.
The Reasons Why you choose SmartPie and MagicPie over other kits?

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