Heating Braking Resistor Strip Heating Element FeCrAl Ribbon Corrosion 0Cr21Al4

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Grade: 0Cr21Al4(Ohmalloy123)Heating Braking Resistor Strip Heating Element  FeCrAl Ribbon Corrosion 0Cr21Al4
Chemical Composition: Cr 18~21 Al3~4.2% Fe: Rest% Re:Micro%
Max. continuous service temp. of element(°C) :1100degrees
Resistivity at 20ºC(μΩ·m):1.23 ohm mm2/m
Density(g/cm3): 7.35
Fe-Cr-Alseries: 1Cr13AI4, 0Cr21AI4, 0Cr21AI6, 0Cr25AI5,0Cr25AI6,, 0Cr21AI6 Nb, 0Cr27AI7Mo2

Chemical Composition And Main Properties Of FeCrAl




1. What's the minimum quantity customer can order?

If we have your size in stock, we can provide any quantity you want.

If we do not have, for spool wire, we can produce 1 spool, about 2-3kg. For coil wire, 25kg.


2. How can you pay for small sample amount?

We have Western union account, wire transfer for sample amount also ok.


3. Customer do not have express account. How will us arrange the delivery for sample order?

Just need to provide your address information, we will check the express cost, you can arrange the express cost together with sample value.


4. What's our payment terms?

We can accept LC T/T payment terms, it also depending on delivery and total amount. Let's talk more in details after getting your detailed requirements.


5. Do you provide free samples?

If you want several meters and we have stock of your size, we can provide, customer need to bear the International express cost.


6. What's our working time?

We will give you reply through email/phone Online contact tool within 24 hours. No matter working day or holidays.

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