Производитель агента Сверхтонкий диатомит

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 diatomite 200 mesh



Product Description



 Diatomite coating additive products, has a large porosity, absorbent strong, stable chemical properties, wear resistance, heat resistance, etc, can provide coatings with excellent surface properties, expansion, thickening and improve adhesion. Because it has larger pore volume, shorten the drying time can make the film. It can reduce the dosage of the resin, reduce cost. The product is considered a good cost-effective and efficient coating with extinction powder product, there have been numerous international large paint manufacturer as the specified products, widely used in latex paint, wall paint, alkyd resin paint and polyester paint and other coatings systems, especially suitable for the production of architectural coatings. Used in coating, paint, can balance control of the surface gloss of coating film, increase the wear resistance and scratch resistance of coating moisture, deodorant, but also can purify air, sound insulation, waterproof and heat insulation, good permeability characteristics.








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Polishing grinding industry: vehicles in the polishing pads, machinery, steel, wood furniture, glass, etc.; Application of diatomite advantages: strong lubricating performance. Leather and synthetic leather industry, leather products, etc. Various kinds of leather. Application of diatomite advantages: sunscreen sex strong, soft light, the constitution can eliminate pollution balloon products of high quality leather packing: capacity, PH value is neutral, non-toxic, light powder soft smooth, strength performance is good, prevent bask in resistance to high temperature. Diatomite is applied to the mosquito-repellent incense is high quality packing, diatomite increases adsorption drugs can kill mosquitoes effect. Application of diatomite advantage: the PH value is neutral, non-toxic, light density 0.35, fine powder appropriate play mixing uniformity, good SiO267 %, to human body health. With the improvement of people's living standards, health consciousness enhancement of the application must be non-toxic smokeless mosquito coil incense, diatomite can play as auxiliary combustion, the industries of paint, water treatment, etc





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Company Information


Guangzhou billion peak Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, company headquarters is located in the South Gate of China - Guangzhou, is located in the heart of the economic development of the Pearl River Delta region, trade convenience and fast, it is choice for energy and chemical suppliers.


 At present, the company's products cover agriculture, food, medicine, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, industry, drilling, casting, papermaking, pigments, ceramics, paint and other fields

At present, production:bentonite, silicon elastic powder, gel, calcium carbonate, kaolin and other products .Sales: aluminum hydroxide, alumina, aluminum silicate, magnesium silicate, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, magnesium stearate, stearic acid 1801/1810, Zinc Oxide, titanium dioxide, lithopone, attapulgite clay, activated clay, barium sulfate, Active mica powder, magnesium powder, diatomite, glass powder, polishing powder, silicon powder, etc. Other products are still being developed and updated...

Packaging & Shipping




1.Packing specification:

10KG/ package,20KG/ package,25KG/ package,40KG/ package,50KG/ package,25 kg / barrel,50 kg / barrel,170 kg / barre,200 kg / barrel etc....


2.Part of the product packaging can be changed according to customer needs



1. As for the tiny amount(less than 50kgs), we will use express(TNT, FedEx, EMS or DHL etc), which is convenient.

2. As for the small amount (from 50kgs to 1000kgs), we will deliver by air or by sea.

3. As for the normal amount (more than 1000kgs), we usually shipped by sea. 






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We are hoping to cooperate with partners in global market to creat win-win business.

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Guangzhou billion peak Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Central plaza, green space, science avenue, luogang district, guangzhou




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Q1: What is the minimum order?

A1: There is no limit, according to your requirements.


Q2: How can I place order?

A2: You can contact us by email about your order details, or place order online.


Q3: How can I pay for you?

A3: After you confirm our PI, we will request you to pay. T/T or L/C is the most usual ways we are using.


Q4: What's your delivery time?

A4: Usually we will arrange the shipment within 10 to 15 days.


Q5: Can your company provide OEM service?

A5: Yes,we can.



Q6: Is this price your real price??

A6:Yes, but the price is floating, i suggest you contact us before you place an order 


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