Hot sales EMS Electric breast cupping enlargement breast care massage machine

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Product Overview


Hot sales EMS Electric breast cupping enlargement breast care massage machine


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Product Description

Ms.W EMS electric vibrator shiatsu body massage machines massage gun

1. Red right therapy for adjustment, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood increased significantly. Accelerate blood circulation, dredge the clogged breast body.

2. 42±2℃ heat energy activate cells, connect thymus, promote hormone secretion, activate cells renewal.

3. Powerful iontophoresis function import nutritional essence, promote nutrient absorption and transport of hormones.

4. High-frequency vibration, soothing massage, improve the chest skin elasticity, lift up and firming.

5. Micro-electric and one button control, 3 modes free to adjustable use.

6. Basing on ergonomic principles, using the encircle design, fitting to the chest line closely.

7. USB rechargeable, easy to use, more energy-saving and environmental protection


 603E -1603E -2603E -3603E -4603E -5



Unit size


Vibration frequency

Mode 1

183 tims/S

Mode 2

100 tims/S

Mode 3

140 tims/S



Operating Voltage


Operating Current











breast massager Cautions

1.       Use USB charging cable to recharge

2.       Don’t us it for other parts of the body except for breast.

3.       For breast process more comfortable, please use the liquid breast products to ensure adequate moisture to start the high-frequency vibration function

4.       Pregnancy, confinement or nursing period women are forbidden to use

5.       forbid irradiating the eyes

6.       It is probibited to use in patients with cardiac pacemakers and the patents who doctors consider inappropriate to use electric products

7.       Don’t wash it in water, clean the massage head with towel or tissue after use

8.       Ban on this product for dismantling or modified, otherwise it will cause product damage and the circuit fault

9.       Put on cap after using and keep dry if long-time n’t use

10.   Keep the product placed in ventilated dry place

11.   Please keep out of reach of children 






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