Silica Powder Silicon Dioxide Amorphous Excellent Quality Precipitated Silica for Tyre, Rubber and Battery Separator

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Product Overview


Silica Powder Silicon Dioxide Amorphous Excellent Quality Precipitated Silica for Tyre, Rubber and Battery Separator  

Product Description


∞   Chemical Formula:SiO2 (White Carbon Black)

∞   CAS No:7631-86-9

∞   Feature+Application 


The product is characterized as high wear resistance and high reinforcing property. By using in tire, it can improve the cohesiveness between steel wire & cord thread and sizing material, reduce rolling resistance of tire and play an important role in enhancing the abrasive resistance and safety of tire. 


The newly-developed microsphere series of products adopt the latest pressure spray-drying technology with the features of high purity, good dispersion and environmental protection so as to future improve tear resistance and abrasion resistance of tire. 


Compared with traditional white carbon black, it more effectively improves the rolling resistance and skid resistance of tire.

∞  Property 


Product Series   Tire Grade
SDT105 SDT115 SDT125 SDT135
Physical Form   powder mirco pearl
BET m2/g 110-140 140-170 125-150 155-180
Silica(dry basis)  % ≥90 ≥93
Drying Loss % 4.0~8.0
Ignition Loss (dry basis) % ≤7.0
pH(10% aqueous solution)   6.0~7.5
DBP cm3/g 2.0~3.0
Sieve Residue 45um % ≤0.5
Cu mg/kg ≤30
Mn mg/kg ≤50
Fe mg/kg ≤500
Soluble Salts (As Na2SO4) % ≤1.5





It is used as reinforcing agent for a variety of rubber prducts, e.g. rubber roller, rubber tube, rubber belt, sealing element, rubber sole, etc.

It gives rubber products higher tear-resistance, tensile resistance and transparency

if you know more about precipitated silica ,please check here if you know more about precipitated silica ,please check here ;and if you want to make a order ,please check here

Company Information

 about  us

Dalian Fuchang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Dalian Fuchang Chemical Co., Ltd.Its a company that is engaged in scientific research, manufacturing and trade.

In 2012. Currently, we have become one of the largest comprehensive chemical company in Northeast China and own two high-grade quartz mines so as to lay a solid foundation for producing high quality products. We successively set up large manufacturing basis in Inner Jilin,Liaoning,Shandong and mainly manufacture silicon dioxide series of products.

The company has cooperated with many domestic research institutions, adopts advanced production technology, combines with perfect management system and detection means and achieves 4000 tons of fumed silica, 60000 tons of precipitated silica, 12000 tons of silica matting agent.

The quality has reached the international first-class level, and some models can completely replace imported like products. 

Our products have passed ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Certification, SGS Heavy Metal Detection etc.

Fusil are sold to dozens of countries and regions, e.g., India, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, South Korea, United States, Japan, Germany, Korea and Russia.

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