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Jelly powder, a kind of jelly material.Generally is AGAR gelatine powder (geely powder) or gelatin Plus essence and sugar.Can directly make

jelly.Other materials (such as gelatin powder) need to add the juice or beverage.

Can directly make jellies and gelatine powder making jelly is a need to add fruit juice or other drink.Usually the gelatine powder and pudding powder

called mix for the same thing, buy need to see that.
Gelatine powder, English name gelatine, also known as the gelatin powder, geely T powder, is a protein gel derived from animals.Gelatine powder has a

very wide range of USES, not only can homemade jelly, it is the indispensable material making mousse cakes and other desserts.Pure protein

ingredients, contains no starch, no fat, but not low caloric healthy low-calorie food, more can replenish collagen, enjoy the delicious at the same

time can retain more beautiful.
Relative finished products of jelly powder, the dosage of the gelatine powder more provinces, and without essence, pigment and other added

ingredients, in the process of production can follow one's inclinations adjust taste, add coffee, juice, green tea powder, coconut jelly made from

a variety of unique flavor, don't worry there will be a preservative and other harmful ingredients, eat more at ease.


Our Services

Our advantages:

1.Ingredients selection guarantee: only select 100% NATURAL aluminum potassium sulfate and  best Soda to get best performance.

2.Formulation variation: For different countries and fields,CCG has been devoting to   research and study the most suitable formula.Our formula is very good at heavy oil,salt,or sugar bakery.


4.After sale Service: We have professional technical team to serve you and help to bake the best.You can call us any time for technical support.

5.Different Packing sizes By BAG or TIN for selection:





6.Private label acceptable: We are glad to help creating your own brand and promise the better quality than other local famous brands.


Our formulation has been tested together with some famous brands such as crescent,clabber girl,Rumford, Bakels,etc.We are very proud of its superior performance.

Company Information

CCG is one of the biggest baking powder manufacturer with our own brand “ double bake”.

Found in Year 1998, we have been the production base for many famous food enterprises such as Angel,Bakels,Sunkeen. Customers covers more than 30 countries.

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