Аккумуляторная батарея для животных Hansel для торгового центра, электрический самокат для животных

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Product Overview


Hansel battery animal ride for mall electric ride on animal scooter


Welcome to visit Hansel website for plush motorized animal rides.


Motorized animals are coin operated or time setting amusement rides that work with rechargeable batteries, can go forward and turn left and right with music. They are the current trend for child amusement. These electric motorized animals are mobile and allow children to ride the animal of their preference in parks, shopping centers, game centers, playgrounds and zoos at a safe and regulated speed of preference. Both children and adults may ride these animals at the same time. The delight in kids is absolutely guaranteed!


First showing customers' business all around the world. All the kids are happy riding on Hansel plush motorized animals.


Please check the details below :-)


Shipping from Guangzhou, China


fireproof plush product 

Packing size:



Bearing Capacity:150KG (parents can seat with their kids)


indoor/outdoor play

Color available:



coin operated/non-coin operated 

Diameter range of token:


Thickness range of token:



up to 100000



Coin:1-5 coins per time
Setting time:1-99 minutes per time
Main spare parts:control box, motor, coin selector, etc
Battery:12V-20A recheable
Charger:one charger for one machine
Music box:Dozens of songs
Wheel:one 6" and three 4" wheel, stable and durable
Minimum age to ride this machine4 years
Charging time:6-8 hours, can use for 6-8 hours



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Take a ride on one of our unique giant electronic Motrized Animals. Our oversize stuffed animal allows you to ride and steering at safe speed, so your children would enjoy the ride.


Hansel motorized animal rides are sold to over 100 different countries. Many customers give bulk orders after testing our animal rides. 

walking animal rides (16)walking animal rides (40)walking animal rides (23)walking animal rides (27)

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Why choose Hansel motorized animals


Original designer and manufacturer- strong support with professional technicans

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Large quantity stock-fast delivery



1: How many designs of these Animal Rides?
We have 50 different popular animal ride designs. More designs will be on market.

2: Why buy from Hansel motorized animals versus other China supperliers?
We have our own team of R&D, and QC staff to assure every ride-on electric animal is to utmost highest of standards. We manufacture machines using better quality components, such as, soft plush covers, thicker guard steel, stable batteries and better electronic parts. Our animal designs are modern and realistic, making it very desirable to kids and adults alike.

3: What certifications does Hansel motorized animals hold?
We do have testing certification from accredited testing labs internationally from ASTM and CE.

4: What is the difference from your Coin, Non-Coin Animals?
Our coin operated animals have all of the bells and whistle needed for an owner absentee operation. It has the ability to count the number of rides and operates on a timer system. The non-coin operated machines are great for owner present and (mobile,parties & events) based operators. Both our Coin and Non-Coin operated animals are designed for business use in Malls or any indoor /outdoor events.   

5.How much is average gross sales for an Animal Ride location?
The financial performance or profitability of an Animal Ride location will vary, depending on store location, space (free range or enclosed fenced area), management skill, operation experience, and numerous other factors. An estimate of a proposed location would be too speculative to be meaningful.

6.How much money can I charge per ride?
Typically, you can charge $1.00 @ minute. The range to stay profitable is anywhere between $0.50 to $1.00 @ minute (eg: $5 for 5 minutes, $10 for 12 minutes, $15 for 20 minutes).

7.How many employees will I need?
An average store location with 8-12 electric animal scooters will require 1 Full Time employee or 2 part time employees.

8.How many machines will I need to start?
On average you will need 8 -12 machines to start, however it depends on your budget.  In case if your business is mobile, then 4-6 pcs will be adequate.

9. Are the machines easy to maintain?
Yes, machines are fairly simple to maintain. All electronic components (spare parts) are available and easily interchangeable.

10. What is your warranty period?
Our 6 months limited warranty for key parts starts from the day you receive your animals. We guarantee that the animals will arrive to you in working condition. Thereafter, your unlimited tech support will kick in as long as you own the animals.

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 Q1: What is the Minimum Order Quantity? 
A1: For new customers, you can make a trial order to test the product’s quality.
Q2: Do the voltage and plug of your product to meet the standard in our country? 
A2 We will confirm voltage and plug before order and produce machines as the customer’s request.

Q3:  If your company can customize product and put our logo? 
A3:We have own designer team, can design and customize all products including color, print,pattern and logo. There are MOQ of some products. Please communicate with our sales team before order.

Q4:  Can you accept the coins in our country?
A4: We use CPU coin selector on our machines. It can accept all the coin which the diameter is 23-28mm and thickness 1.2-2.4mm.

Q5:  If your company will send engineer to my country for technical problems? 
A5: As for we are in different countries, we usually offer on - line service with video or picture instruction. With many years manufacturing and exporting experiences,we have professional technicians to give solutions for problems.

Q6:  Lifetime of your product? 
A6: It’s according to the maintenance of product.Many of our customer who bought our machines 5 years ago still run the business now.  

Q7:  How long will it takes to deliver goods from china to my country? 
A10: As for the time to different port is different. Normally it’s about 20-60 days by sea, 3-7 workdays by air.


Why buy from Hansel company?

-The animal ride is the fastest growing business for mall, parties, events in the world

-We are the manufacturer of animal rides, and have been manufacturing these motorized animal rides for over 10 years.

-Our animals are commercial grade machines, purely designed and built for operators to use in a business setting.

-Highest resell value! Our machines fetch 60% of your original purchase price when you decide to sell you machines used

-Full stock inventory available for immediate ship!

-Our rides are approved for mall use, with full compliance certification approvals accepted in most State and City license agencies

-Animal rides business is easy to operate and requires minimal employees.

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Hansel main products categories:

- plush motorized animals : over 50 vivid animal designs, coin operated and non coin operated available. Fast investment for shopping mall, game center, parties.

- coin operated kiddie rides : over 200 different designs, MP3 , MP4, game kiddie rides, one seat, two seats or three seats, etc

- coin operated carousel rides: 3-6 seats for shopping mall game centers

- battery amusement motorcycle: shinny led lights, difference colors for each design

- trackless trains - most popular outdoor battery tourist trains to load 8-30 seats

- Kids bumper car - different designs with shinny lights, different colors for each design

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