wholesale stainless steel food grade portable gift set package one gallon custom co2 tabletop home draft beer dispenser

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This kit includes the twist tube spear with copper faucet and regulated CO2/N2 Dispenser with Gauge of 60PSI (Outlet M8*0.75) and 4l single wall stainless steel mini keg.
package content:
1 X Standard Twist-tube Spear
1 X Non-flow-control Brass Faucet
1 X Regulated CO2/N2 Dispenser with Gauge of 60PSI (Outlet M8*0.75)
1 X 2 L Single Wall Stainless Steel Mini Keg
(not include the 16g co2 cartridge because the co2 cartridge is forbidden to shipping by air,do not exceed 15 PSI)
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Website: https://bartool.en.alibaba.com/
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We are specialized in draft beer packing and tapping solutions since 2013,.like stainless steel mini keg, beer bottle/ growler, CO2 dispenser, beer tapping system and home brewing accessories.
We are cooperating with ISO certified manufacturing facilities in China.

Trouble shooting
Trouble shooting

Leaks gas as soon as the  cartridge is installed
1.Make sure the regulator dial is off turned all the way counter close
2.Tighten the cartridge seal
Replace the CO2 cartridge it is damaged

 The tap is open,  but no beer comes out
Make sure the CO2 cartridge is installed, the cap is turned on, and pressure is indicated on the pressure gauge.

Tap continues to drip , 
without stopping when closed
1.A few drips after closing the tap is normal. But it should not drip over time.
2. If the keg and tapping system is clean, internal O-ring may have worn through use and be in need of replacement.

Beer pours foamy every time (more than1/4 cup of foam)
1.First pour may be foamy if the beer line is full of air after being filled or the tap assembly has been allowed to warm up. Second beer should pour fine, if that’s the case. Keep out of the sun.

2.Beer may be highly carbonated from the bar or brewery. If beer in keg is pressurized at 5 psi but came from brewery beer line pressurized at 25 psi, beer will pour foamy until the pressure equalizes after few days in the keg.

Be sure to open the tap handle fully and let go during the pour. Attempting to meter the flow during the pour can lead to foaming. 

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