multi funtion mgo board for wall ceiling and floor

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Product Overview


Product Description



Brief Introduction of MgO board:

WELLYOUNG Fireproof MgO Board is a new-type green decorative board which is processed by special production process. It is used modified magnesia cement as the basic material,glass fiber cloth as the reinforced material, and light-weight material as the stuffing.


Wellyoung full-automatic production line:


Composition of MgO Board:

Raw materials of WELLYOUNG MgO Board  


Fire Resistance limit of fireproof MgO board:

9mm Wellyoung MgO board could be applied for  >= 120mins fireproof lightweight partition wall;

12mm Wellyoung MgO board could be applied for >=  180mins fireproof lightweight partition wall.

The data is for reference only. Please contact us for more details on fireproof MgO board in different specifications.

Material Comparison between Fireproof MgO board and other kinds board



Other Advantages of Wellyoung MgO board :



Wellyoung MgO board reaches the standard of GB8624, CLASS A1, non-combustible class

2.Water proof:

Wellyoung MgO board  can keep its shape and character after soaking in water for a few days. 

3.Sound insulation and heat insulation

Wellyoung MgO board  have a good sound insulation and heat insulation quality.  

4.Environmental protection:

Wellyoung MgO board  is asbestos-free, no formaldehyde and benzene,100% green boards.

5.Easy to install:

can be sawing, planning, drilling, nailing and cutting etc.

6.Lightweight and Strong strength

Wellyoung MgO board  can totally saving the cost in terms of lightening the load from reducing the foundation, subject, column and beams of the construction, Improve the inner usable area 5-8%.

7. High quality, competitive price and good after-sale service



Specifications of MgO board:


Item no.     Size(mm) Weight(kg)

Quantity/20GP(pallet packaing)

  3048   1220x2440x3 10  1800pcs
  4048   1220x2440x4 14 1350 pcs
  6048   1220x2440x6 18 1080 pcs
  8048   1220x2440x8 24   808 pcs 
 10048   1220x2440x10 28.5   648 pcs
 12048   1220x2440x12 34   540 pcs


Max length is 3050mm,

Max width is 2050mm,

Thickness is 3-20mm,

Particular size can be customized



Applications of Wellyoung MgO board                                    

Purpose and use of Wellyoung MgO board:

Wellyoung MgO board is widely used primarily as wallboard alternative to conventional gypsum-based drywall. The MgO boards can be scored and snapped, sawed, drilled, and fastened to wood or steel framing.

It can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Wellyoung MgO boards are a good example of the advances made in construction materials to meet changes in building codes for safety and durability.


Applications of fireproof MgO board       

The fire partition and fireproof ceiling of industrial,civil buildings

The fireproof structure protection, fireproof curtain wall of buildings

The fireproof board in the fire scene for shooting of the movie, TV program

The fireproof smoke tube, fireproof flue pipe, air passage

The fireproof board of the safe box.

Other application of the professional fireproof

Residential & Commecial Applications:


Further processed of MgO board:

1. Normal MgO board: one smooth, one rough surface;

2. Pasted with wall paper;

3. Coated with latex paint;

4. Glued with ceramic tile;

5. With a design of wood or water or other grain.

Samples can be sent if you need to confirm, the delivery are available at your cost.

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Packaging of Wellyoung MgO board:  



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