TPET 4 side sewing 100% cotton bath towel making machine microfiber full automatic

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4 side sewing 100 cotton bath towel making machine microfiber full automatic

100 cotton bath towel making machine
100 cotton bath towel making machine

Full automatic machine with functions of cross cutting, stitching, attaching label, and ironning thread ends

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Product Keywords100 cotton bath towel making machine


Automatic towel machine TPET


 composed of three parts as follow:

FRONT PART--ET-5812 (sewing horizontally)

BACK PART----ET-5813 (cut and sewing vertical,label attached together)

ULTRASONIC END TRIMMER-------ET-5814 (ultrasonic trim thread ends)

can buy seperately


CUTTER DEVICE ------ET-5815 selectively used along with ET-5812, the price not included in the whole set price.



1.forward overlock machine is PEGASUS, reverse overlock is TPET(but parts are come from PEGASUS)

2.imported PLC control system,one key start.


FEATURES: hour capacity of 1,000-1,100 pieces, take the size 40cm*40cm for example (data comes from our client factory, Juhong Garment)

2.saves threads and nonwoven fabrics. Each piece saves a cost of 0.016-0.018 yuan.

3.look neat,smooth and standardized

4.automatically cut thread ends with ultrasonic cutters and storage area for parts, and reduce labor intensity



suitable for procedures of a single product, can select different models and make various stitches,ex.single needle chain can attach curled edge, surging 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, 2 needle 5 thread, 3 needle 6 threads,etc. for example, dishwash towel, napkin and towel and so on. 


Quality assurance:

1.Worksite is very tidy,it's convenient of 7S management,in good enviroment

2. Fast quality control,it can avoid the batch quality problems

3. Reducing the WIP,less inventory.

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100 cotton bath towel making machine
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