2,200W Thick Film Stainless Steel Tube Electric Water Boiler Heating Element parts with Thermostat

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Product Overview


Product Description
The Rare-Earth Metal Thick Film is one of today's most innovation and forward-looking solution for electric heating field.

The thick film heating tubes/elements are produced by screen-printing dielectrics (5 layers), resistance (palladium-silver), conductor (silver) and isolation glazes on the substrate and sintered 8 times at temperature over 900℃.

With its simple tubular structure, it can heat water flow inside the tube. Electric Circuit printed on tube surface, to heating the water flow inside.

For applications where space is limited, this simple profile heater offers high thermal power density and fast response times to heat up or cool down (due to low thermal mass).

This electric heating element can be matched with thermostats (automatic reset and/or manual reset) & circuit control board.
Thermostat can directly access heating power supply circuit to control it connection or disconnection.
Circuit Control Board can adjust the outlet water in multiple temperature levels.
Outside Dimension
Heat Intensity
Ramp-Up Rate
Thermal Efficiency
Heating Power
2,200W & 3,000W
Service Life
>10,000 hours
Rated Voltage
Electric Intensity
Power Deviation
-10% - +5%
Leakage Current
Insulation Resistance
PA66+ glass fibre, temperature resistance≥250℃
Snap Action Thermostat
16A, installed close to the heating tube’s heating circuit
Thermistor Type
Boiling Water Tank
Food Grade PP; Temperature resistance≥150℃
Water Inlet & Outlet
Heating Tube Dimention
Main Features
1. Electric Circuit printed on stainless steel tube surface, to heating the water flow inside. 5 isolation layers sintered on the surface.
2. Large heat transfer area on tube surface; Ramp up and Cool down quickly; High utilization rate up to 93% or above.
3. Fast temperature response, power density is as high as 60W/cm² and heating circuit’s temperature raising rate exceeds 80℃/s.
4. Simple structure, compact profile.

Tube Structure.

First Layer: Anti-oxidation layer (insulation, anti-rust)
Second-Sixth Layers: 5 isolation layers with high quality materials, and sintered 5 times.
Seventh Layer: Palladium-silver heating film (Quickly Heating, High Heat Utilization, Saving Power)
Eighth Layer: Silver conductor
Ninth Layer: Coating high quality isolation glazes in high temperature (protect surface and isolation)
8 times sintering in high temperature

Thick Film Stainless Steel Tube.

1). Electric Circuit printed on tube surface, to heating the water flow inside. Complete isolation and safety.
2). Compact size, high heat utilization
3). Available Power 2,200W & 3,000W
4). SUS430 Stainless Steel

Customize Service

1. Substrate: SUS 430, 316
2. Tube diameter, Tube length, Power, Thermostat, Control Board, etc are available for customer design.

Packing & Delivery
Size (m)
1.2 (L) * 1 (W) * 1.2 (D)
0.5 T

Packaging Details
The normal package is carton box, placed on wooden tray.
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