produce 3PS 4PS 5PS 5SP 4SP mild steel billets

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Product Overview


produce 3PS  4PS 5PS 5SP 4SP  mild steel billets

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Billet is produced by three kinds of process methods:

One is through the steel system of continuous casting equipment, molten steel directly into the steel billet;

The two is the making system of production of steel ingot or billet by rolling system of steel rolling equipment processing semi-finished products; three is the production of steelmaking system by ingot forging equipment manufactured semi-finished products.


Material standard

Thickness range: +/-5mm 150-240mm width: +/-20mm 880-1530mm

Length range: +/-500mm 3700-10000mm

Cross section size: 64*64; 82*82; 98*98; 124*124; 120*150; 152*164; 152*170mm

Length: 9000mm

Section tolerance: square billet: +1.0/-2.0----+3.0/-1.0mm slab: width: +/-2.0MM thickness: +/-3.0MM

Length tolerance: +/-200MM

Diagonal tolerance: 3.5-8.0MM

Square billet section size sudden requirements: <1242MM, does not allow; <=2MM, >1242MM =1242MM, <=3MM

Broken end (shear) extended deformation: <1242MM square billet: no control; slab: <=15MM

Surface tilt: no more than 0.1 of the billet cross section

Bending degree: each 1M length does not exceed 10MM

Twist degree: length <=5M, <=11. Length <=7.5M, <=5.

Material 3SP/PS% of chemical composition: Mn Si S P C

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