Hot Sale & High Quality Smart Travel Oxygen Concentrator Remote Control Portable Oxigen Concentrator

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Product Overview


Hot Sale & High Quality Smart Travel Oxygen Concentrator Remote Control Portable Oxigen Concentrator 

oxygen concentrator 

Product Description



PortableTravel Oxygen Concentrator Product Feature: 

1 High oxygen purity 93%+-3% from 1Liter to 5 liter
2 Operates with rechargeble external battery ,AC or DC power
Exceptional battery life,can be used for 800  times
Fashionable carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap 
Low Noise,less than 40db(A)


PortableTravel Oxygen Concentrator Product Specification :

10.jpg Model No OLV-B1
Flow Rate 0-5L/min
Power Consumption 90W
Purity Oxygen ≥93%±3%(1LPM)
Voltage AC220V / AC110V
Outlet pressure 20kPa~60kPa
Noise Less than 45db
Net Weight 5kg
Dimension: 245*181*365 (mm)
Warranty 2 years

Portable Travel Oxygen Concentrator Product Introduction

Oxygen concentrator is mainly used for oxygen supply, improving the physiological and biochemical environment of the human body, promoting the benign circulation of metabolic processes, curing diseases, alleviating symptoms, promoting the rehabilitation and prevention of diseases, and improving health. Clinical practice has shown that the use of portable oxygen concentrators for oxygen therapy, with its unique treatment mechanism, acute and chronic hypoxia symptoms in the clinical department and secondary diseases caused by hypoxia, can effectively treat the effect. Proper resuscitation improves microcirculation and, if necessary, relieves respiratory load that maintains partial pressure of alveolar gas oxygen. Therefore, in clinical medicine, preventive medicine, emergency medicine, geriatrics, rehabilitation and health medicine, oxygen therapy, oxygen therapy, etc. Aspects have an irreplaceable role in reducing the effects of maintaining cardiac load on arterial oxygen partial pressure. Important roles and broad development prospects 

People Who Be Suit For Using Mini Oxygen Concentrator:


Cardiopulmonary patients 

  Oxygen uptaking could suspend illness to get worse, improve immune competence of pneogaster and our body. And can alleviate or remit shortness of breath, to make you are refreshing and active and improve quality of life. Keep long time oxygen therapy, it will be important in recovering of disease absolutely.


Old and aged people:help to be vigorous and defer senility

   Old man's vital capacity goes downhill quickly;some vitals such as heart,brain,kidney and liver will be gradually decline. Oxygen uptaking would make up oxygenic shortage that caused by physical function decline and keep every organ in good condition, also prevent disease to keep healthy and defer senility.


Pregnant woman

  Oxygen uptaking can help fetus get more oxygen in order to grow up healthily and become an "Oxygen Baby", to have inherent advantages during the pregnant time.


Students: It will help and improve study 

Our brain will use and take out 25% oxygen of whole boby. When you study long time, you need oxygen uptaking in time and could help you improve ability of memory and study.   

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Product Advantages



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Buyer Feedback

From My Most Dear Customer, Evaluation Of Travel Oxygen Concentrator :

 Olive home portable oxygen concentrators are loved by customers around the world. We will serve every customer with the most sincere service, the highest quality and the lowest price. We are Alibaba certified gold supplier, the customer's evaluation of our products is true and effective, if you need more comments, please click me. >>>>>>>>

Company Information

Zhengzhou Olive Electronic Technology Co.Ltd.,established on 2014 years as one of the subsidiary company of Huaer Group. Which cover more than 20,000 square meters, is a specialized in developing, manufacturing ad selling of oxygen concentrator ad related health care products in China.


Our company totally have 9 departments , include researching and developing department,production department,quality control department,packing and transportation department, design department, sales department,financial department,purchase department & administrative department. And total have 60 employee. With abundant experience and hardworking staff members, we can meet various requirements from different types of customers. Our production capacity amounts to 10,000 sets each year, and one year turnover income is USD50,000,000.Our factory implements ISO 13485 strictly, all of our products are in accord with medical CE. At present, our products are sold to American,Europe ,Asia, Middle East , Africa and so on which are more than 90 countries.



Olive’s success is based on its dedication to high quality, innovative technology and excellent service as olive has a strong team internally which every management has many years experience for R&D, quality , production and sales.Except our own brand, we also can do OEM service. Warmly welcome you to cooperate with us, we will provide best quality and service to you.Company web:



Packaging & Shipping

photobank (2).jpg


Packaging for  oxygen concentrator
1 Each oxygen concentrator is packed by a carton box. 
2 The carton size is 55*34*31cm. Weight: 9kg with accessories
3 One 20 foot container can pack about 300 sets portable oxygen concentrator.
Packaging for  oxygen concentrator
4 Each oxygen concentrator is packed by a carton box. 

Shipping for home oxygen concentrator
Quantity Lead Time
1 Sample Within 24 hours
Less than 20 sets Within 7days
50Sets 15days
More than 100 sets 20days




1.How long is the lifespan of your machine?
Ans: We use imported CECA molecular sieve from France,and the lifespan is more than 15,000 hours.
2.What is the purity of your oxygen concentrator?And how can we identify?
Ans: Our machine is with low oxygen concentration alarm,which ensure that you breathe is a qualified medical oxygen .When the purity is more than 82%,the purity light is green .

When the purity is in the range of 65% to 82%,the purity light is yellow,the alarm sound .

When the purity is below 65 %,the purity light is red,and the alarm will sound, LCD display shows“low purity".

3.What is the oxygen flow of your machine?
Ans: For 3L machine,the flow is 0-3L/min.And for 5L machine,the flow is 0-5L/min.
4, How long is for the warranty period of the machine?
Ans: 2 years,or 5,000 hours,which comes earlier.
5. What is the sound level of your machine?
Ans:We adopt multilayer noise design,and the sound level is less than 45dB.
6.what certificate do you have?
Our oxygen concentrator is got CE, ISO certificate.






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