Defoamer antifoam cleanwater chemicals China manufacture

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Product Overview


Product Description

Defoamer antifoam cleanwater chemicals China manufacture

Product Name
Organic silicon defoamer
anionic polymer
Other Names
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♦ experience since 1986
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♦Low from polysiloxane, modified polysiloxane, silicone resin, white carbon black, dispersing agent and stabilizer, etc;
♦Low at low concentrations can maintain good elimination bubble suppression effect;
♦Low foam suppression performance is prominent;
♦Low easily dispersed in water;
♦The compatibility of low and foaming medium;
♦Low to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

white colorless or light yellow liquid
emulsion ionic
weak anionic
Appropriate thinner
10~30℃ water thickening
Standard :GB /T26527-2011

Defoamer can be added after foam generated as foam suppression components according to the different system, usually adding defoaming agent for 10 to 1000 PPM, the best adding quantity test according to particular case decided by the customer.
Defoamer can be used directly, can also be used after dilution.
In the foaming system can fully mixing dispersion, can be added directly, without dilution.
For dilution, cant add water into it directly, it is easy to appear layer and demulsification, then affect the product quality.
Diluted with water directly or other incorrect consequences method , we company shall not bear the responsibility

Packing & Delivery

Package:25kg/drum、200kg/drum 1000kgs/IBC
1.10~30℃,it cant be placed in the sun 。
2.cant add acid, alkali, salt and other substances.
3.this product will appear layer after a long-term storage,but the effect will not be affected with stir will be freeze under zero degree, stir after thaw , it will not affect the effect.
Shelf life :6 month.

Our Company

Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co., Ltd.

♦ Have been in water treatment business since 1986
♦ located in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China (about 200km from Shanghai).
♦ Our engineer teams with working experience in famous chemical giants.
♦ specialize in providing chemicals and service for water treatment.

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