Thick Film Heater electric kettle heating elements

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Product Overview


Thick Film Heater Electric Kettle Heating Elements

 Instant Boiling Water Flow

Thick Film Heater Instant Kettle Strix Controller Heating Element

Product Description


30 02

Dimension161*60*46mmHeat Density>60W/cm²
Ramp-Up Rate150℃/sThermal Efficiency≥97%
Heating Power2,200WService Life>10,000 hours
Rated Voltage220vCertificateCQC, RoHS
Dielectric Strength1,500V/5mA/60sPower Deviation-10% - +5%
Leakage Current≤0.25mAInsulation Resistance≥200MΩ
TypePA66+ glass fibre, temperature resistance≥250℃Snap Action Thermostat16A, installed close to the heating tube’s heating circuit
Shield Thermistor PTCGrounding TypeSpot-Weld
Water Inlet & OutletΦ20.95mmHeating Tube DimentionΦ30mm*110mm



Due to its tubular structure it can heat drinking flow inside tube, by the electric heating circuit printed on tube surface.

It‘s advanced in power density(60W/cm²), thermal transfer rate(≥96%) and temperature ramp-up rate(80℃/S). It takes 3 seconds to get boiling water (≥95℃), the flow rate is 480-600mL/Minute.

For applications where space is limited, this simple profile heater offers high thermal power density and fast response times to heat up or cool down (due to low thermal mass). Instant Heating Electric Water Geyser/Dispenser just require such a electric heating element in simple & compact profile and instant temperature response.

The available power is 2.2kw and 3kw.



1. Electric Circuit printed on stainless steel tube surface, to heating the water flow inside. 5 isolation layers sintered on the surface.

2. Large heat transfer area on tube surface; Ramp up and Cool down quickly; High utilization rate up to 93% or above.

3. Fast temperature response, power density is as high as 60W/cm² and heating circuit’s temperature raising rate exceeds 80℃/s.

4. Simple structure, compact profile, various applications.


Thick Film Stainless Steel Tube:

1). Electric Circuit printed on tube surface, to heating the water flow inside. Complete isolation and safety.

2). Compact size, high heat utilization

3). Available Power 2.2KW,3KW or Customized

4). SUS430 Stainless Steel



Our Advantages


Founded in 2012, 5 years experience in Thick Film Electric Heating Tube Design & Research.



10000 Grade Air Purification Workshop
Self-Design Screen Print Machine & Sinering Furnaces

Key Materials

Silver Conductor
Pd Ag Alloy Resistor
Micro Crystalline Glass Insulation

Quality Control

Electric Strength Test(1500V)
Power Deviation Measuring(-10% ~ 5%)
Visual Inspection




The most compact instant type heating element is the ideal heating element for novel and fashionable home appliances such as Water Dispenser, Water Purifier, Coffee Maker, Milk Machine, etc.


Some of our Thick Film Electric Heating Tubes are individual customer solutions which are designed to match our customers’ individual and specific requirements. During the development and application stages we work closely together with our customers in a partnership based on trust and mutual confidence.





Company Information

Jieda locates in Xinxiang’s Hi-Tech Development Park, which is 650km away from Qingdao. Jieda was founded in 2012, is a high-tech manufacturer that specializes in design, research, produce and sales rare-earth metal thick film electric heating tubes/elements.


What is Jieda advanced in?
1. About 10 years experiences in thick film electric heating tubes.
2. Fully mastery of thick film tube surface screen printing and sintering.
3. Main Process Flow in 10000+ Grade Air Purification Workshop.
4. First manufacturer to mass produce Thick Film Electric Heating Tube/Element in China
5. Available various Solutions for fluid heating, especially for Instant Water Heating Home Appliances, House Floor Heating and Industrial water flow heating.
6. Monthly production capacity is up to 300,000 pcs.






Q: What's Thick Film Heating Element?

A: Thick Film Heater is a new technical art which is use screen printing technology and new thick film material.

      It is printed with isolation dielectric, heating element and glass prevent on a substrate that is made by stainless        steel, and through drying firing process with 800°C. Thick Film Heater has become a new type of heater.

Q: What’s the advantages of Jieda Thick Film Heating Element?
A: We fully master screen printing and sintering technology on curved surface stainless steel tubes, which makes it      possible  to heat continuous water flow without water tank.


    up to 150℃/S TEMPERATURE RANP UP

Q: What's the lifespan of Thick Film Heating Tube / Thick Film Heating Element? 
A: It can work more than 10,000 hours, in case of no DRY HEATING.

Q: What's the inlet and outlet diameter? 
A: Thick Film Heating Tube      :  Ø18, Ø20, Ø30, Ø35, Ø40, Ø50mm

    Thick Film Heating Element :  Available with Ø10mm, Ø16mm, G1/2 G1/4 and G1/8

Q: Can I DIY it for personal use by myself?

A: Our Products are mainly used as heating spare parts for water heaters in mass production,

     not recommended for Personal DIY.

Q: Can the Thick Film be applied to Copper Pipe or Aluminum Pipe?

A: It can not be applied on Copper pipe, but can work on Aluminum pipe. 

Q: How to get the suitable model for our application?
A: We need to know the water temperature in inlet and outlet port, water flow rate, connection port details

     and other special requirements, to recommend the suitable Thick Film Heating Elements

Q:  What's the operation attentions?
A: 1. The temperature ramp-up above 80°C/s, please make sure the tube fulfilled with water before use.

     2. Please install it vertically, make sure water flow direction from bottom to top, to prevent DRY HEATING in             partial area of heating tube.

     3. Set the minimum flow rate according to tubes' power watts, ensure smooth flowing of water, to prevent vaporizing       and dry heating

     4. Make sure reliablility grounding.

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