Forged alloy wheels for bus and trailer 22.5' polished rims

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Product Overview


Product Description

Foged Wheel Range


Commercial aluminum wheels:

Forged alloy wheels for heavy duty trucks, light trucks, and trailers, buses.

Sizes 22.5x14,22.5x13, 22.5x12.25,22.5x11.75, 22.5x9.0, 22.5x8.25, 22.5x7.5, 22.5x6.75,

19.5x7.5, 19.5x6.75, 19.5x6.0, 17.5x6.75,17.5x6.0,17x6.5,16x6.0,16x5.5

Military vehicles wheels sizes have 20x10, 20x11.

Car wheels sizes from 16'' to 23''.

Off road vehicles wheels sizes from 20'' to 26''.

Motorcycle wheel blanks are including 30x4, 26x3.75, 23X3.75,23X5.5, 21X5.5,21X3.25,21X3.0, 21X2.15, 21X1.8, 19x3.5, 19x3.25, 19x3.0, 19x2.75, 19x2.5, 19x2.15, 18 X 10.5,18 X 10.0, 18 X 8.5, 18 X5.5, 18 X 4.25, 18 X4.0, 18 X 3.5, 18 X3.0, 18 X2.15, 18 X1.85, 17 X3.5,16 X 5.5, 16 X 3.5, 16 X 3.0,16 X 2.15 etc



 Processgrain flow-forged-vs.-cast 

Product advantages

Ø Light weight

Higher specific strength, 20% lighter than cast wheels, 50% lighter than steel wheels.

Ø More fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly

Because the wheel is part of the chassis system, the weight reduction factor of the wheel is 20 times that of the car body.

Ø Reduced maintenance costs for the brake system

Due to fast heat dissipation and low normal driving temperature, it has excellent protection effect on the high temperature resistant materials and accessories of the brake system, thereby greatly reducing the maintenance costs of the brake system.

Ø 26% reduction in tire wear

Due to the characteristics of forged aluminum alloy wheels, the amount of imbalance is small, it is not easy to deform, and the heat dissipation is fast (The normal driving temperature is 20-30 degrees Celsius lower than that of steel wheels), the protection of the suspension system is very good, so the wear on the tires is greatly reduced, and each tire can run an additional 50,000-80,000 kilometers.

Ø Improve driving comfort

Forged aluminum alloy wheels have good balance performance and consistent size, coupled with a high elastic modulus(80 GPa), the highway driving is particularly smooth, thereby improving driving pleasure.




commerical wheel

Wheel sizes


24.5x8.25,22.5x13, 22.5x11.75, 22.5x12.25, 22.5x9.0, 22.5x8.25,22.5x7.5, 22.5x6.75, 19.5x6.75, 19.5x6.0, 17.5x6.75, 17.5x6.0, 17x6.5, 16x5.5 etc


Surface finishing


 Customized design reference







Our Mission is to develop and serve forged wheel market throughout the world by providing products& services:


ØMulti-size:  Wheels from 16 inch to 30 inch are available to provide.

ØDesign: Self design & customized requirements

ØFinishing: Various finishing treatments are optional such as machined, polished, chrome, anodized, painting etc.

ØPackage: Packing options open different requests.

ØDelivery:  Transport solutions via sea, air, express, land logistics etc.




Our Services

  • JASTOO has strong R & D strength, and the main management and technical staffs are the builders of the first forged wheel production line in China.

  • In addition to the advantages of professional skills, the core team members have accumulated rich experience in many years of technology research and production management which is leading most domestic companies.

  • Good sales team can provide reply in time and professionally answer your questions.

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