Private label AM TEA 14 Day Detox Tea /Slimming Tea /loss weight

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14 Days Slimming Tea And Custom Detox Tea


meEnglish name

Morning Tea + Afternoon tea+ Night tea 



Morning tea ingredientss   

chinese oolong tea, Yerba Mate , ginger foot, fennel seeds, lemongrass, dandelion leaf, ginseng root

Morning tea Function tea Function

slimming,weight loss, Deep moisturizing intestinal tract,enhance immunity

Afternoon teaa

Oolong tea, Lotus Leaf ,Senna Leaf,Cassia Seeds,Rose,hawthorn fruit,Chrysanthemum, Gynostemma,Low poly xylose

Afternoon tea Functionunction

To lose weight, detoxification, enhance immunity, deep moisten intestines

Night Tea

 Lotus leaf, Gynostemma, Pu'er Tea, cassia, senna, hawthorn fruit,chamomile

Night tea Functionnction

 slimming,weight loss, promote sleep


14 tea bag/kraft paper bag or plastic bag

Or according to customer’s requirement


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More details

1.    Why morning tea can loss weight ?

Oolong tea has a fat dissolve effect reducing weight

Because gallotannic acid-main ingredients of tea, has function of resolve fat.

Oolong tea can reduce the content of cholesterol in blood.

Yerba mate and Oolong Tea can hearten spirit, promote intestinal peristalsis, activation of the The new supersedes the old., relieve constipation

Ginger and ginseng has function of warming,can combine the cold nature of tea.It help us loss weight healthy. Fennel seed contains rich vitamin B1, B2, C, PP, carotene, and cellulose, help us keep stomach health. Lemon grass can adjust oil secretion

lotus leaf could break down fat,The combination of above ingredients can not only make us slimming but also enhance our immunity, we can keep health and loss weight at the same time.

2. Why Afternoon tea can loss weight ?

Afternoon tea is necessary, because it is often most meat; Oolong tea helps break down fats and lotus leaf, weight loss; Gynostemma can enhance immunity, break down fat, rose not only increase the aroma of tea; And beauty; Low-level xylose and increase the quantity of intestinal beneficial bacteria, help digestion, absorption, senna, cassia seed help detoxification.

3.Why night tea can lose weight ?

Puer tea is more gentle, will not affect sleep. Puer tea, lotus leaf, gynostemma can break down fat, reduce weight. Hawthorn can help digest meat, gynostemma, ocean GanJuHai can enhance immunity, improve sleep, cassia seed and senna can help detoxification, reasonable formula not only can make our detoxification, weight loss, and improve our immunity, and allows us to maintain a healthy weight loss at the same time.

4. Those people need to lose weight detoxification?

(1) Office lady: always sit in the seat, rarely doing exercise, easily become too fat, especially big belly.                                                                                                              
(2)The belly fat men, who need to lose weight.                                                                                                             
(3)Youth boys and girls with fat problem caused by adolescent development,who need to become slimming                                                                                                            

(4)Fat women after birth,who need to reduce fat.                                                                                                                
(5) Middle-aged people with fat problem,who want weight loss.                                                                                                                  
(6).Peoples of nutrition surplus who often eat high-calorie foods

5. any side effect?

No side effect.

Our tea is 100% pure and natural raw herbal material, after high temperature sterilization,

without any additives. After many years of study and experiment, from the tea color,fragrance,flavor

and the effect on weight loss,which those can meet people’s satisfaction in terms of drinking.

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