41000btu Floor Standing Type Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

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TKF(R)‐140LW 41000btu Floor Standing Solar Air Conditioner With Solar Collector Or Solar Flat Panel With Grid Power For Refrigeration

Hybrid solar air conditioner, made up of three parts, including indoor unit, outdoor unit and solar collector. it's driven by electricity(220-240V,50/60HZ) and with solar energy as an auxiliary power.
Solar energy is a renewable energy source with nature environmental protection and pollution-free, which is greatly and widely used in your daily life and you do not need to pay for it.
The cooling capacity is over 3.72, much better than the traditional air conditioner. Compared with the traditional air conditioner, you can save about 30%-50% electricity and reduce the consumption on compressor so as to increase the service life of the air conditioner, saving your maintenance cost as well.

1. The hot water in the collector helps to reduce the power consumption of the compressor.
2. Solar air conditioning uses an efficient heat exchange system.
3. Capillary and condensing tubes cooperate to achieve power saving effect, high efficiency and energy saving.
4. Easy to install and no different from traditional air conditioner.
5. High-performance brandly compressor:Hitachi and GMCC, safe and nice quality
6. More environmentally friendly R410a makes you healthy and comfortable.


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1st sunflower solar air conditioner design uses high-efficiency solar collector system, low-energy brand compressor, scientific and advanced heat exchange system, screening high-quality raw materials, and improving the production process. After professional testing, EER reached 3.72, far exceeding other types of energy-saving air conditioners.
1st sunflower superior product structure design avoids the shortcomings of random sunlight. We collect heat through efficient solar collector tubes and store them in the insulated water tank, reduce your electricity consumpiton when you use the solar air conditioner.
1st sunflower solar air conditioner achieves good energy saving effect, saving by 30% electricity when cooling, and saving electricity by 50% when heating, which greatly reduces power consumption and reduce the cost of electricity for you and your home.

1st sunflower solar air conditioner has a simple design in its struture, to add a solar collector system based on the traditional air conditioner. the same as the traditional air conditioner, easy to install
Compared to traditional air conditioners, no additional installation space and no additional installation techniques are required. Solar collector systems are easy to install, reducing your installation and maintenance costs.

Low-loaded operation of the compressor to extend its duration. Durable and long-lived, smooth running, no replacement and no maintenance 1st sunflower hybrid solar air conditioner is applied to all kinds of environment. It can run at super low and high temperature from -7℃ to 53℃ with strong adaptability.

1st sunflower hybrid solar air conditioner is driven by electricity(220-240V,50/60HZ) and with solar energy as an auxiliary power. Solar air conditioner adopts environmental-friendly gas, no bring greenhouse effect
The efficient use of solar energy reduces electricity consumption and reduces carbon emissions. 1st sunflower makes our lifestyle healthier. 1st sunflower hybrid solar air conditioner keeps the air fresh and the family healthier.

Product Advantages

1. High energy efficiency,EER>3.64
2. Solar + Electric, Hybrid type air conditioning
Refrigeration save 30% electricity
Heating save 50% electricity
3. LED display, Generous fashion
4. Quiet Design, Low noise
5. Hitachi or GMCC compressor
6. Condenser, evaporator golden coating
7. Copper pipe insulation link
8. Environmental R410a freon

Why Choose Sunflower

Who We are?

Welcome to the website of Jiangsu 1st Sunflower Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd
Since entering the field of manufacture of solar products in 1998, 1st sunflower has accumulated deep expertise, good R&D and production skills in solar products and green environmental friendly products. Therefore, we have excellent product design capabilities to provide customers with fast solutions and after-sale support.
The predecessor of Jiangsu 1st Sunflower Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd is 1st Sunflower Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. We are committed to promoting a low-carbon, natural and healthy lifestyle, and we are committed to providing the most advanced green and sustainable products to our customers around the world.
In the process of continuous development of the company, 1st sunflower continuously improves products according to the regional characteristics and living habits of different countries in order to make the product more concise, more convenient to use, more efficient and less maintenance. At last but not least, reduce energy costs while maintaining comfort and protecting the environment.
Our customers are around the world. In order to adapt our products to different scenes, we have also visited many regions over these years. Our long-term experience has taught us the industry habits and international trade policies of many countries. In addition, we have excellent technical staff and experienced international trade service team, who can provide the quickest response and the most powerful support for the problems you face in the process of our cooperation.
The new 1st sunflower (Jiangsu 1st Sunflower Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.) aims to provide comprehensive, innovative and sustainable solutions for pollution-free solar products, solar energy utilization, and health & sports, including design, manufacturing and delivery. In addition to our main products, like solar water heaters, solar power systems, solar fans, solar air conditioners etc, we are further extend to the health & sports field, to actively pursue our corporate mission – providing customers with comfortable low-carbon natural health lifestyle.
Our new 1st Sunflower will continue to provide a full range of low carbon, environmentally friendly and natural products&solutions for individuals, families, businesses and public projects to further meet the market's functional and price needs. We strictly follow international practices and quality standards in product development, design, manufacturing, improvement, product trace ability and service procedures. In addition to providing you with high quality with reasonable price products and solutions, we further provide you with fast and active after-sales support and service.
Feel free to contact us for further cooperation.

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Our Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner can be shipped to the entire global market
Delivery Time: 25-30days

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T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

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Our Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner were packed by
LCL:Carton+Plywood cases

Description:TKF(R)‐120LW 41000btu Floor Standing Solar Air Conditioner With Solar Collector Or Solar Flat Panel With Grid Power For Refrigeration
Package/volume/weight: Carton/1.52cbm/184kg
Packing quantity: 18sets/20GP , 45sets/40HQ
Shipping Mark: By your requirements

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