OEM Digital Pen For Children Learning EFL Smart Reading Talking Speaking Pen With English Sound Books

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Product Overview


Digital Children English Talking Pen and Books

6 languages learning device: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French and Arabic

Functions of digital pen reader: 

1. Touch and read out:
Listen to any part we like directly. We can learn through books directly as well as the pen touch and reading.

2. Repeating:
We can listen to the any part for times as we like.

3. Translation:
We can learn 56 languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and Korean, just touch the flags at the top of each page to choose the language we like.

4. Following and comparing reading:
 We can check our pronunciation immediately through following and comparing function.

5. Recording:
Start the recording just by pressing the recording button on the pen.
Recording whatever you want to remember in your life.

6. MP3 playback:
We can listen to any MP3 just by press the on/off button on the pen.
And we can stop, play and change the previous/next piece directly.

7. Volume change:
We can control the volume by the button or the volume adjustment card on the book.

8. Download:
We can download the mp3 files by he USB line.

Features of Audio Book:

1.Language translator: one set of books including 3 books with 5 languages: English in written and 4 translations French,  Chinese, Arabic and Korean. 

 2. Children English learning pen: Alphabet + Numbers + conversation books + games + English nursery rhyme + Melody English songs...... 

 3. Including key words, sentence pattern reviewing and memory enhancing. 

 4. The conversations in the book are close to daily life. 

 5. The nursery rhymes, songs and games will make children learn easily during the entertainment. 

Book 1
Unit 1: Alphabet  
Unit 2: My family  
Unit 3: Count
Unit 4 :My Body 
Unit 5: My clothes  
Unit 6: My house
Unit 7: Colors  
Unit 8: Shapes  
Unit 9: Fruits
Unit 10: Drinks  
Unit 11: On the farm  
Unit 12: Space

Book 2
Unit 1: My kindergarten
Unit 2: My stationery
Unit 3: My room
Unit 4: Daily necessities
Unit 5: Ball games
Unit 6: Vegetables
Unit 7: Actions
Unit 8: Taste
Unit 9: Transport
Unit 10: Go to the zoo
Unit 11: Seasons
Unit 12: Weather
Unit 13: Nature Scenery  

Book 3
Unit 1:Time
Unit 2:Week
Unit 3:Months
Unit 4:My bedroom
Unit 5:Foods
Unit 6:Appliances
Unit 7:Exercise
Unit 8:Mood
Unit 9:The public place
Unit 10:Where are you from
Unit 11:Occupation
Unit 12:Contrast

Unit 13:Festival         

Packaging & Shipping

Colorful Gift Box: One pen, one charger, one USB cable, one pen stand fixed in EPE box, then with 3 books in one cover box.
Carton Box: 10 gift box in one carton

OEM Reading Pen

OEM Digital Pen For Children Learning EFL Smart Reading Talking Speaking Pen With English Sound Books

We make the books talk.

Different pen models and huandred books can be chosen. Your own books can be programmed to work with the talking pens. Any language can be programmed.

Main Functions of Digital Pen For Children Learning:

1. Talking Pen provides listening, reading, repeating, pronunciation correction

2. MP3 function: download and listen to whatever songs you like;
3. Following reading, recording and translation from words through paragraphs systematically 
4. Power saving -- Talking Pen can automatically power off when it is not in operation for 5 minutes (or more than 5 minutes)
5. Once the audio contents are downloaded, Talking Pen can be used anywhere and anytime
6. Multiple audio-enabled books are available, a great number of book resources can be done into one pen. 
7. A new way to learn-Talking Pen will make storybook, poems, rhymes, etc. 
8. Built in different games to test the knowledge the children have learnt and memorized from the lesson.

Digital Pen For Children Learning's Applications

Little children have the potential to be multilingual so they can acquire English with enough help of pictures and sounds.the vivid pictures in the book and the recording in the magic pen can greatly assist children to understand the book without Chinese.it is hope that children can acquire English directly without any influence of their mother tongue.thus they can use English freely when they grow up.

Complete English training but more than english teaching
The book is full of pictures and accompanied by a magic pen,which enables children to enjoy reading the book with little help of the teacher and parents.the activities in the book are comprehensive.children not only listen,read,repeat,but also sing,play,and make handicrafts.considering children development to be a dynamic process,the book also teaches basic maths and guides children in their social practice when introducing the english language

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Our Services

The service we offered:

A. Product design, mold development as required;
B. PCB board design and development as required;
C. Design of books;
D. Printing of books;
E. Adding stealth codes for customers;
F. Recording of books;
G. Editing scripts of books;
H. Manufacture


We are a professional manufacturer with ISO9001 certificate. The materials used in our products are ABS and kind to the health. The processes of our manufacturing are seriously according to the rules of the CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH...The yield is 98%. We also provide 1 year warranty for the customers and for abroad cooperators, we will provide the extra for the fixed quantity.

Our Company

We are a professional ISO9001 factory with over 19 years experience. A critical quality controlling system is excuted in all our production processes. With R&D groups, we can develop and fulfill whateve you need. A professional sales team is always ready here to service you. 

One year warranty and lifelong maintainance is provided. 

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