Shandong supplier motor parts degreaser for removing oil and dirty

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Product Overview



Engine degreaser / Heavy oil cleaner IC-5051

Product Description


IC-5051 heavy oil cleaner is a new type of environmental protection cleaning agent, which is specially developed to solve the problem of heavy oil cleaning on  the surface of engine. It is made of various water-soluble emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, complexing agents, etc. It can easily disintegrate metal products and engine surface sludge and heavy oil stains, so that it can removed oil from the surface of the workpiece to achieve a good cleaning effect.


IC-5051 cleaner does not contain halogen, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrite and other substances, with good cleaning performance, can also effectively clean the workpiece surface oil in the metal machinery processing industry.



Application Area


Engine degreaser IC -5051 is used for heavy oil cleaning on the surface of engine and metal machinery .




No bad odor , can be used indoor.

It has strong permeable cleaning ability. It has good peeling and cleaning performance for metal parts, engine surface oil sludge and heavy oil stains.

Not volatilize, safe and reliable, does not cause the environment pollution.

Suitable for mixed workpiece cleaning, non-discoloration of aluminum and its non-ferrous metal cleaning, non-corrosive ferrous metal.

Chemical stability: long-term use not spoilage, not corruption.

The foaming property is low, easy to rinse.  

Technical indicators





Grade Standard

Industrial Grade


Colorless liquid

Use temperature

45-60 degree

Use Ratio


Cleaning time

10-20 min

pH value

9-10 (original solution)

Use Method

dip or ultrasonic cleaning


Qingdao China



Transport Package

5KG, 25Kg, 200KG/ barrel

Storage time

2 year



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