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Reduced iron powder / iron powder price




Product Description

Reduced iron powder, gray or black powder, also known as "double suction agent", can absorb moisture and oxygen in the air, commonly used in food preservation.

By reduction of iron in magnetite under high heat in the flow of hydrogen or carbon monoxide gas reduction generation, mainly composed of iron loose structure. Due to the reduction of iron powder itself has been powder, coupled with its microstructure is very loose, so its surface active. It is often used as a high quality reducing agent in chemical production and laboratory work.





1,  iron powder: mainly used in titanium dioxide, chemical industry, content 80%-90%, 80-150 adjustable.
2, metal replacement iron powder: mainly used in copper and nickel smelting processing industry replacement metal, content 70%-90%, 80-150 mesh.
3, rubber and plastic products filled with iron powder: mainly used in rubber and plastic industry filled with loose reuse, the proportion of 2--4.5, 80-150 mesh is adjustable.
4, arts and crafts filling weight with iron powder: it is mainly used for handicrafts imitation metal effect and increase the sense of weight, loose the proportion of 2--4.5, 80-150.


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Some products can be changed according to customer demand 



Packaging & Shipping




1.Packing specification:

10KG/ package,20KG/ package,25KG/ package,40KG/ package,50KG/ package,25 kg / barrel,50 kg / barrel,170 kg / barre,200 kg / barrel etc....


2.Part of the product packaging can be changed according to customer needs



1. As for the tiny amount(less than 50kgs), we will use express(TNT, FedEx, EMS or DHL etc), which is convenient.

2. As for the small amount (from 50kgs to 1000kgs), we will deliver by air or by sea.

3. As for the normal amount (more than 1000kgs), we usually shipped by sea. 






Company Information



Guangzhou billion peak Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, company headquarters is located in the South Gate of China - Guangzhou, is located in the heart of the economic development of the Pearl River Delta region, trade convenience and fast, it is choice for energy and chemical suppliers.


 At present, the company products have included: aluminum hydroxide, alumina, calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate, talc powder, aluminum silicate, calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, magnesium stearate, stearic acid 1801, stearic acid 1806, stearic acid 1810, Zinc Oxide, matting powder, matte powder, titanium white, lithopone, attapulgite clay, white clay, Huang Taotu, high clay powder, washing / calcined kaolin, senior barium sulfate, active calcium carbonate, mica powder, calcium carbonate, magnesium powder, light Magnesium Oxide, diatomite, glass powder, polishing powder, silica powder etc.. Other products are still in R & D update......


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