Paper Machine Making Double A A4 Paper 80 g White In Copy Paper

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Product Description

Paper Machine Making Double A A4 Paper 80 g White In Copy Paper


Qinyang shunfu Papermaking Machinery is specializing in the production of 787, 1092, 1575, 1760, 1880, 2100, 2400, 2640, 2880, 3200, 3600 series of round net, short stack long net paper machine, paper making equipment, paper machine, high speed washer, gravity Decker, D type hydraulic pulper, vibration sieve, washing machine, beater and inclined type sizing machine, pressure cylinder shaper, breathing hood, calender, roll machine, rewinding machine, cutter and other pulp and paper equipment.


double a a4 paper


Raw materialWaste paper
Paper weight60-350g/m2
Output paperA4 paper ,copy paper,cultural paper, newsprint
Working speed60-120m/min
Drive wayVariable frequency speed regulation, subsection drive
Paper width1750-2200mm
Production Flow

double a a4 paper


All Machine List


writing paper making machine


Paper Pulp Machines

double a a4 paper



This is one main part on the paper making machine, used to dry the wet paper sheet.

double a a4 paper


Cylinder Mould

This is main parts of paper making machine, it used to make the paper pulp to wet paper sheet.

double a a4 paper


Paper Making Equipment

double a a4 paper

Finished Products

double a a4 paper

Company Information

Qinyang City Shunfu Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd.


The company has strong technical strength, complete equipment. Is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the "self import and export enterprises", and through the China Quality Certification Center ISO9001:2000 quality certification. In recent years, the company leading products 2100, 1880, 1575 type high speed paper machine, 2100, 1800, 1760, 1300, 1575 Hanging noodles carton board machine type multi cylinder paper machine, multi screen type 787 toilet paper machine have been exported to Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Suriname, Syria, Jierkesitan etc.

The company in good faith, the real spirit of doing business, to provide high quality services and information for your company, the existing large, medium and small paper-making machinery factory 4, can produce 600 micro environmental protection paper machine -- 6000 large and medium-sized network, network, network stack, circular paper coating machine, and pulping equipment all kinds of equipment spare parts. Company website, can be timely and domestic and foreign merchants, investors online to negotiate.


double a a4 paper

double a a4 paper

Other machine show

double a a4 paper double a a4 paper

Buying Guides

 What we can provide:

1) -787,1092,1575,1760,1880,2400,2640,2800,3200mm paper machine

2) -Kraft paper machine

3) -Paper egg tray machine

4) -Pulp making equipments

5) -Paper making equipments 

6) -Paper processing equipments

7) -All kinds of spare parts

To know well about your requirement and avoid misunderstanding , please check following information of  paper machine and feedback us your idea , we can make accurate quotation completely according to your requirement : 

1) -What kind of material you want to use ? 

  a-100% waste paper ;

  b-Waste paper mixed virgin pulp ; 

  c-Wheat straw , wood , sugarcane bagasse, wood pulp,bamboo.

2) -How many tons do you want to produce per day ?

3) -What kind of finished product you want ? 

   (Jumbo roll,toilet paper roll ,napkin paper,handkerchief paper,kitchen paper)

4) -What is the output paper width of jumbo roll?(mm)

5) -What is the the output paper weight(thickness)?(mm)

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