Flexible Feeding Tooling for Kuka Speed Industrial Robots Gripper in Press Automation Line

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Product Overview


production Type

Name: O-T-A type Feeding Tooling

Made up of high strength aluminum alloy struts connecting with aluminum poles. The structure is simple, cost-effective, suitable for small and medium-sized plate stamping line at low speed.

Name: O-T-B type Feeding Tooling
Adopting the structure of connecting carbon fiber shaft with high strength aluminum alloy square auxiliary poles, then connecting with struts. The tooling of this structure has highly lightweight, good rigidity and stable operation, more suitable for stamping line containing large size workpiece. At the same time, strut quick-changing device can be mounted to this type tooling, in order to adapt stamping automation line with wide size range of workpiece.

Name:O-T-C type Feeding Tooling

Adopting carbon fiber shaft and auxiliary poles, the shaft is directly installed under the six axes of the robot. Not only does this type tooling have overall light weight, but also the center of gravity is much closer to the six axes of robot. Thus the requirements for robots load are lower. This type is suitable for high speed stamping line.


1)Hot stamping:Magnetic sucker;clamp

2)Cold stamping:Joint robot;Single arm line;High speed line;Special customization。

Hot Stamping

Magnetic sucker tooling

Clamp type pickup

Cold Stamping

Joint robot tooling

Single arm line -tooling

High speed line-tooling

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