Sound Craft Public Address 16 Zone Intelligent Top PA Systems

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Price:$2,500.00 - $3,000.00
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Product Overview


Sound Craft Public Address 16 Zone Intelligent Top PA Systems

Your Preferred Choice for Economical PA System





T-6600 integrates complete function of Public Address System. It’s with 2 ports (RS-422 & RS-485) and with the function of programmable automatic control. And it’s built in 8*16 audio matrix, power sequencer, fire signal receiver and could control multiple intelligent devices, such as zoning pager for phone, remote paging station, expansion power sequencer, etc. Users only need to write their own program into it and it would run automatically. No matter it’s on or off, once fire signal is input, the whole system would enter emergency status immediately. It meets broadcasting demand of various venues. And I feel proud to say that it’s your preferred choice for projects from small to large scale.


It’s suitable for all scale of projects, such as school(Main), office building, shopping mall, factory, hotel, etc, for it could do various combination according to clients’ demand.




* Timing and specified point broadcasting

Clients could use the matching software to write your own program that orders specified source to be played in specified zone. Or you could write the program via fluent buttons on the front panel.


* Broadcasting to All zones or partition


* Power Management

T-6600 is built in 6 channel power sequencer and it could be expanded to control more peripherals.


* Function of Remote Paging

Remote paging console could be connected to the host via network cable. And via functional buttons on the console, users could do paging to all zones or partition. What’s more, the transmission distance is up to 1Km.


* Hot-key

T-6600 provides you with several hot-key to call designated function. And you could custom the hot-keyfreely via software.


* Function of Forced Voice Alarm

When doing voice alarm, T-6600 needs to work with fire signal receiving panel. There’s 3 modes of voice alarm, including all zone voice alarm, zoning voice alarm and adjacent voice alarm.  


Economic Public Address System for School

Product List

Intelligent Control Center   T-6600

Remote Paging Station     T-218

CD Player *2     T-6227

Digital Radio Tuner   T-6228

Zoning Pager for Phone    TW-1250

8 in 8 out Preamplifier *2   T-6240

Fire Signal Receiving Device     T-6223(A)

4 Channel Post-class Power Amplifier *4     T-4S120






Power Supply

AC 110V @60Hz or AC230V @50Hz

Audio Input

10 Kohm, 775mV, unbalanced

Audio Output

1 Kohm, 0 to 1.5V, unbalanced

Frequency Response

20Hz to 50KHz

S/N Ratio




Input Level of Alarm Signal


Output Level of Alarm Signal


Level of Power Sequencer Control


Rated Power of Monitor


Communication Interface


Communication Protocol

RS-422 & RS-485

Communication Speed


MP3 Storage Mediator

SD Card





Power Consumption



Main Functions


1) About the Background Music

The host could transfer any of the audio sources including, CD player, radio tuner and MP3 player any zone because of the programmable controlling 8*16 audio matrix.


2) About the Voice Alarm

Voice alarm message and background music use the same set of power amplifiers. When fire happens, a short signal is transmitted to fire signal receiving panel T-6223(A). And T-6223(A) sends the host a command. Then, the host let the whole system enter emergency status. Voice message stored in the T-6223(A) would be transmitted to all speakerand at the same time, forced switching power supplier T-6211(A) would turn the volume control to its Max..


3) About the business paging

Local paging: Voice is transmitted to audio matrix of the host, and then, it’s output to specified channel’s power amplifier by the host. At last, people could hear the voice through speakers.


Remote paging: First, remote paging console need to be linked to the host via network cable and the distance is up to 1Km. Then, clients could do paging in any partition freely via the fluent buttons on the paging console.


Phone paging: Local call line need to be linked with our zoning pager for phone(TW-1250). Then, when clients wanna to do paging via phone or cell phone, they just need to call the number.



Main Product


Company Information

_05 ITC Audiovisual is the pioneer of Chinese audiovisual industry. Latest, we launch Luna Cloud-based Public Address System. Also, we develop steadily. We provide our client with one-stop solution, such as Public Address System,IP System,conference systemvideo conferencing,Evacation System, professional sound system, multimedia central control system, etc. What's more,our system is applied to various world-class events, such as 2008 Peking Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai Expo, 2010 Guangzhou AsianGames, etc. For now,we have up to 200 thousand successful cases in China and in worldwide. _07_09_11_13_15



Q1: Are you manufacturer or trade company? Where?

A: We are manufacturer. which located in NO. 1 Building B Block Zhongcun Street Panyu District Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. 


Q2: Do you offer OEM&ODM service?

A: Yes, we do. 


Q3: What's the quality standard of your products?

A: Our products has approved CCC, ISO9001, CE, RoHS, EN54-24 and EN54-16 certification. 


Q4: Which place will use ITC equipment?

A: Our products are widely used in International Conference, Governments, Banks, Churches, Highways, Airports, Parliaments, Eduction institutes, Hotel, Private corporate conference hall and ect. 


Q5: What project you have done in overseas? 

A: *EXPO 2016 Antalya in Turkey

*International Airpport in Tabatinga, Brazil. 

*The 7th South China Sea International Conference in Vietnam. 

*The Subway center of Chanakyapri in New Delhi, India .

*Department of Public Works and Highway in Philippines. 


Q6: How to contact us?

A: Write down what you need and click Send, you will get the feedback soon. 


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