ZHONGDING fire retardancy multiwall polycarbonate sheet / panel / board

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Product Overview


Product Description





Produce technical:co-extrusion

Max width:2100mm

Standard length:5800mm / 6000mm / 1180mm /1200mm

Color: clear opal green blue bronze etc.

Note: Special specification and color can be processed against customer’s demand

What are Polycarbonate Sheets?

Polycarbonate is a polymer with a unique blend of desirable properties. This polymer can be given shape by different processes, which include injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion -and thermoforming. Polycarbonate roof sheets are manufactured by the process of extrusion. Polycarbonate roof sheets are commonly called transparent steel due to their wonderful impact resistance and glass like clarity. Following are a few salient properties of corrugated roof sheets:

  • Polycarbonate sheets possess superb impact strength (Virtually Unbreakable).
  • Excellent flexural strength hence can be cold curved or even cold bent into simple shapes.
  • Very high light transmission of upto 90%.
  • Superlative fire performance ( Self extinguishing) and TAC approved.
  • Light in weight hence easy to handle & install.
  • Available in tailored lengths, hence minimum wastages.
  • High temperature tolerance (from -40°C to +130°C).
  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties.


Technical Parameters 

  Impact strengh


   Specifc grevity

   Coefficient of

 thermal expansion

Service temperayure

     Heat conductivity








 Tensile strengh

Flexural strengh

 Modulus of elasticity

 Effect of sound


Tensile stress

 at break

    Elongation at break




10mm two laminates 

reduced 10db




Honeycomb Polycarbonate Sheet Features

Adopt the newest multi-layer co-extruding technology

1. Mutual connection between unique hexahedral podetium and honeycomb core structure

2. Heat insulation and keep energy

3. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, aging resistance

4. High strength and stiffness

5. Hard-combustible of B1 material, self-extinguishing without fire

6. Light and high environmental, difficult to break

7. Saving energy

8. Ten years guarantee

9. More durable




 1) Roofing light sheet and sunshade for office building, department store, hotel, stadium, school, amusement center, hospital, etc. 

2) Skylight, lighting for corridors, balcony, passages and subway entries, walkways. 

3) Do-It-Yourself (DIY), awning, canopy. 

4) Advertising lamp boxes, sign board. 

6) Anti-riot shield, bullet resistant material, Bank ATM. 

7) Conservatories, agricultural greenhouses, zoos, botanical gardens. 

8) Industrial Roofing and Glazing 

9) Swimming Pools roofing/cover/sheet




 1.Does your company is a factory or trade company ?

We have a factory ourself , we are on this business for few years in China.Our factory is very famous in the Hebei China .

2.Whats the quality assurance we provided and how do we control quality ?

1). Established a procedure to check products at all stages of the manufacturing process - raw materials, in process materials,validated or tested materials, finished goods, etc. Besides, we have also developed a procedure which identifies the inspection and test status of all items at all stages of the manufacturing


2). 100% inspection in assembly lines. All controls, inspections, equipment, fixtures, total production resources and skills are inspected to ensure they consistently achieve the required quality levels

3.Your company can product how many different kinds of PC sheet ?

Our company now have following several products: Glittering Polycarbonate Sheet,Multi-wall Structure Polycarbonate Sheet,Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet, General Polycarbonate Solid Sheet,Advertising Polycarbonate Sheet, PolycarbonateEmbossed Sheet, Polycarbonate Frosted Sheet, Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet, Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet etc.

4.Do you take special orders ?

Yes , We accept customized products.

5.What are polycarbonate sheets?

 Polycarbonate sheets are a transparent, synthetic product.  Because of its exceptional impact, weather and 

temperature resistance, it provides solutions where other synthetics fail.  Polycarbonate has a different chemical 

composition, and therefore different properties, from other transparent plastics such as PVC.

6.Can I install polycarbonate sheets myself?

Polycarbonate sheets are particularly user friendly and very light, so that fewer cross bars are needed. This

 makes the supporting structure more straightforward and cheaper.

7. Do the sheets discolor overtime? 

 Because of its transparent UV protective layer polycarbonate sheets do not discolour and most polycarbonate 

sheets come with a 10-year guarantee but they can last even longer than that!




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