Corrosion resistance hand tight PEEK HPLC fitting

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PEEK integral high pressure fitting
> Made of high-purity PEEK, with high strength, corrosion resistance,high pressure resistance and good biocompatibility;
> The maximum withstand voltage is about 35MPa;
> Integral design, no need for ferrule , convenient and easy to use, reusable;
> A variety of specifications are available, and can also be customized.
> Suitable for PEEK tubing or fluoroplastic tubing with an outer diameter of 1/16.

Quality Controls

I) Product processing and quality control

Raw material performance testing equipment

Universal Testing Machine
Universal testing machine is used to test conventional mechanical performance parameters such as product tensile bending
strength and modulus.
Impact Tester
The impact tester is used for raw material inspection and testing the impact strength.
Hardness Tester
Hardness tester is used to test the Rockwell hardness of raw materials.

Density Delector
Density delector is used 10 det the sctual demsly of the product.
Pressure Tester
The liquid chromatograph can be used to detect the pressure-tightness and pres-
sure-holding properties of pipe connections such as joints, two-way and three-way connections.
Pressure Tester
The pressure value can be read automatically.

II) Stock shapes and finished product inspection

Clean Room
In order to improve the quality of PEEK products, better meet the special application needs of customers in various industries. Our company in strict accordance with GMP standards to establish a hundred thousand class clean workshop, and equipped with a hundred class cleaning area. Maintaining the cleanliness of clean workshop and the continuous stability of pollution control is the core standard for the production of implantable PEEK.
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Double-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine equipped with a double-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, it has a better cleaning effect on parts with small gaps,slits, and deep holes, and can effectively remove dust, impurities, and oil on the surface of the product. After clean-
ing, it is vacuum packed in a clean room to prevent secondary pollu-
tion.Ensure the cleanliness of the surface of our products, so that the analysis results of our customers' products are more accurate.

X-ray Foreign Object Detection Equipment
X-ray foreign object detection equipment is mainly used
to detect whether the product contains foreign objects, such as metal chipping, etc.during the production process.
Ultrasonic Detector
Ultrasonic detector is mainly used to detect whether there are impurites,looseness, cracks, pores and other defects inside the product.

III) Dimensional appearance inspection equipment

Image Measuring Instrument
Image measuring instrument is used to detect some products with high requirements for two-dimensional dimensional accuracy and form and position tolerance accuracy, and the detection accuracy can reach 0.001mm.
Three-coordinates are used to detect some products with high requirements for three-dimensional dimensional accuracy and form and position tolerance accuracy. The detection accuracy can
reach 0.0005mm,and a three-dimensional inspection report recognized in the industry can be provided.

Surface Roughness Detector
Surface roughness detector is used to control some products with high requirements on appearance, and can specifically measure the surface roughness of processed products.
Universal Friction and Wear Testing Machine
Universal friction and wear testing machine,Test the friction co-efficient and wear of the material under a certain load and speed.

Why Choose Us

PEEK materials are high purity, low release, do not interfere with the separation and purification process, and have excellent chemical resistance and biocompatibility.
In the field of analytical instruments, Junhua ChinaPEEK has successully developed more than 200 kinds of high-performance PEEK parts,and produce typical analytical instruments such as PEEK hand-tight fltting, PEEK Union, PEEK capillary, PEEK pump head, PEEK digestion tank, PEEK column,etc.
Standard parts are equipped with stocks, and non-standard parts can also be customized.

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