Baby your feet ! Lavender Exfoliating peeling nourishing magic foot mask

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Product Overview


 Baby your feet ! Lavender Exfoliating peeling nourishing magic foot mask

Product Description


Foot care product  Exfoliator foot mask






Water,glycerol,extract of fermented milk,sorbitol,extract of aloes,lactic acid, papain etc.





Remove thick horny layer,peel off dead skin,horniness on feet .Make foot skin tender and white. It can clear the bacteria on the feet and between toes at the same time.


Our product is made of unique extract of fermented milk, natural papain and essences of several plants. With the function of natural lactic acid and proteolysis elements it can effectively disperse the desmosome in the vola and accelerate the metabolism. It can expel the dead skin and care your foot babylike.




Unlike common foot mask, this one adopts the soft non-woven fabric in stocking waterproof design, cozy, convenient and non-sticky.


When in use, the essence of the foot mask is fastened well and acts evenly on the foot skin, which facilitates free walking and normal work.


Our products use the soft non-woven fabrics as the basic material and with a sock style waterproof design. It will launch desquamation aged cutin. It is safe,comfortable and easy to use.






1).Cut foot mask top sealing.


2).Put on the foot mask and press the fabric outside tenderly in order to make the essence be contacted with skin of the foot.


3).After about 30-50 minutes take off the mask, clean your feet and apply the moisturizer to keep your feet moist.


4).After the usage for 5-7 days, the dead cutin on your feet will be shed automatically (please keep foot massage with warm water everyday in order to accelerate the shed of the dead skin).


5).1-2 weeks later, the old cutin will be shed totally and your feet will be tender and white again.


6).It will be more fit if you put on the socks when you apply the foot mask and then you can move more freely.







1). People of thlete's foot or wounded, swelling, pruritus, inflammation skin is not allowed to use it

2). People of allergy skin use it with caution.

3). If there is any uncomfortable of your skin please stop using.

4). Keep it dry, ventilation and out of reach of children.

5). Please apply it when it is open.




1).People who has callus on feet

2).People who has rough and chap skins.

3).Female who wearing high-heeled shoes normally.


7. Shelf life:  2 years.



Packaging & Shipping




1). Put 1 pair (means 2 pcs) into one silver foil bag;

2). Put 10 bags into one bigger transparent bag;

3). Put 10 bigger transparent bags into one carton.


So, one carton contains 100 pairs.


Or, we can also pack according to your requirements.


bag packing.png



packing detail of Exfoliator foot mask.jpg




We can send goods via DHL, EMS, TNT, Air shipping, Sea shipping.






Our factory

Factory Address: 

Beisun, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, People's Republic of China.





About us

We, Hebei Houde Hanfang Medical Devices Co.,Ltd, is one of top health care patch and plaster producers in China. We are the professional manufacture of kinds of patches , such as foot patch, slimming patch, heating patch and chinese herbal patch, etc .






As an OEM manufacturer, we have created the efficient system to provide the good service to our customer, Quality, productivity and flexibility are the key for us, we promise to give a reply within 24 hours for any inquiries.


2.Prompt delivery.


We have the strict procedure according to the delivery time. Both detailed schedule and monitoring procedure can ensure the OTD, and we can easily solve the week in the production and delivery in time even if there any problem occured.




We are the DIRECT factory, all the process are performed in house, so it's positive that our price is competitive.


With 5 years OEM experience in cooperationg with USA and EU customer, we have established the high quality control system and cost control system. Plus our advanced equipments, we have the strong competitive advantage in service, quality and also prices.



Welcome to our company and looking forward to cooperate with you!   Thank you!




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