RS232 RS485 RS422 serial to Ethernet industrial single serial to ethernet

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Product Overview


RS232 RS485 RS422 serial to Ethernet industrial single serial to ethernet


Product Description


ZLAN5103 is a high performance RS232 RS485 RS422 serial to Ethernet industrial single serial to ethernet developed by Shanghai ZLAN on the basis of ZLAN1003. It has the character of functional and cost-effective.

ZLAN5103 can realize the data transparent transmit between RS232/485/422 and TCP/IP, easily make serial devices connected to Ethernet and Internet, achieving the network upgrading for serial devices. Support full duplex and uninterrupted communication of RS232/485/422 port; RS485/422 are embedded with lightning protection; RS485/422 and RS232 can be used at the same time without switch. Support DHCP, DNS. Support virtual serial port, the original serial PC software no need any modifying.




1)       Support full duplex, high speed converting, and no packet lost.

ZLAN5103 is the first type of full duplex, continuous, and low cost serial server in industry. It support simultaneously converting between Ethernet &Serial with large bulk of data with no pause, and also no data is lost.

2)       High cost performance.

ZLAN5103 is designed by concept of intensification, after ensure the stability. It highly takes the cost of networking upgrading in count

3)       Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP model, UDP multicast.

4)       Support baud rate 1200~115200bps, data size 5~9bits, parity of None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space.                       Support CTS/RTS hardware flow control.

5)       Embedded 485/422 lightning protection function, suitable for outdoor 485/422 communication.

6)       Equipped freely with our Windows Virtual Serial & Device Management Tool ZLVirCom. It supports                 virtual serial and can one-key searching ZLAN5103 or modifying parameters.

7)       Provide device management library (Windows DLL library). It’s convenient for user to develop                         program with VC, VB, Delphi, C++ Builder. User need only use read or write function to communicate             with ZLAN5103.

8)       The innovative disconnecting detecting method, whether ZLAN5103 work in TCP Server mode or TCP           Client mode it can automatically reestablishing connection after network broken, to ensure the data             real-time accessibility.

9)       With build-in Web server, its parameters can be modified by web browser.

10)   Support DHCP, easy for IP management and solve IP confliction.

11)   Support DNS. It fulfills the need of access data server through domain name.

12)   Support 100 TCP connections communicate with network modules at the same time.

13)   As a TCP client, can connect to 8 destination IP.

14)   Flexible serial data framing setting. It fulfills all kinds of serial data frame requirement.

15)   UDP mode support dynamic destination address mode. It helps for multi-user mange one serial server.

16)   Real Com Driver mode support using the 9-th bit to facilitate communication with milt-device. (the 9-            th bit being 0 means data frame and 1 means address frame).

17)   Support searching serial servers and modifying parameters through Internet remotely

18)   Support parameter modifying protection, preventing modifying by accident. Support running with                 default parameters.

19)   Build-in 2 KV electrical plus protection in RJ45.

20)   High protection of electromagnetic interference. With its high electromagnetic interference protection         SECC external shell.


Technical Parameter

RS232 RS485 RS422 serial to Ethernet industrial single serial to ethernet  




485/422: Terminal; 232: DB9

Power Supply:

5.5mm, Inside positive outside negative, standard outlet


L x W x H =9.4cm×6.5cm×2.5cm

Communicate Interface


10M/100M, 2KV electrical plus protection


RS232/485/422×1:RXD,TXD,GND, CTS,RTS

Serial Parameters

Baud rate:


Data size:





Setting method :

ZLVirCom, WEB browser, device management library

Net communication method:

Socket, Virtual serial , device management library

Work Mode

TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Real Com Driver

Power Requirement

9~24V DC,145mA@9V


Running temperature:


Storage temp:









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