high-tech high efficiency barrel empty Drum Pump with screw pump

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Product Overview



Ontainer and Barrel Emptying Systems STD-FM

Container and Barrel Emptying pumps Systems(For Food&Pharma)

The STD barrel emptying system for the reliable conveying and dosing of high-viscosity media out of barrels and containers consists of the components: Pneumatic lifting device, electrically driven dosing/conveying pump and follower plate. STD-FM are barrel emptying systems with a volumetric conveying pump, specially designed for Food, Pharma and Cosmetics.
Since these can be combined in various ways, we are able to offer a customized solution for each application. This could be the dosing of fruit paste out of a ribbed 200L barrel or the feed of beauty cream from a 20L bucket.


Before a product can be filled, mixed or dosed, it is often necessary to remove it from its original container. For STD, neither the size of the barrel nor its shape makes any difference here. We will make sure that you find just the right systems (barrel emptying system, barrel unloading, cans emptying, bucket emptying and many more) that are perfectly coordinated to your original pail and meet your exact requirements. For excellent emptying and supplying results.


We would be delighted to find out which model best suits your production process.


Screw pump

Description: The motor drives the rotor screw, wraps around the axis in the stator cavity for planetary swing, and the glue in the closed cavity formed between the screw and the stator is discharged continuously, uniformly and consistently.


Flow parameters

Model No.


Recommend dosing volumn

Output pressure



0.18~2.5 ml/s

36 bar



0.8~7 ml/s

24 bar



2.5~21 ml/s

24 bar



4~34 ml/s

18 bar

  The speed varies depending on the characteristics of the medium.

  When the medium is high lyvisory, high solidity, high abrasive, poor mobility, please set low speeds                   Whenever possible.  The detailed selection can contact our engineers.


STD Suction barrel emptying pump system Function

1).The core equipment of the suction barrel emptying pump system is the STD single-screw pump

2).When the suction barrel empty pump start to work, the STD pump self-priming causes a vacuum to be formed underneath the follow-up disk, and the slight pressure generated by the cylinder piston forms a constant inhalation process 

3).For low viscosity materials, the system produces an inverse pressure, which avoids turning the material between the bucket wall and the follow-up disk

4).In the production process, the STD suction bucket emptying pump can be close to the bottom of the bucket or container, and the material is almost fully emptied


Product advantages

1).Extracts high-viscosity fluids from containers using powerful suction and pumps with high discharge pressure. Fluid transfers can be automated while reducing the risk of foreign matter contamination from external sources thanks to airtight conveyance.

2).One-stop solution for non-pulsating, metered conveyance of fluids with different viscosities. Flow rate control is done simply to aid coordinated control with subsequent processes such as filling and mixing.

3).Supports a variety of containers, including drums and pails, as well as non-standard containers. Fluid is suctioned while scraping it off the inner wall of the container, which reduces material loss.


Main Features of STD-FM Emptying Systems

1).For medium to high-viscosity products (up to 7.000.000 mPas!)

2).Barrel sizes from 10 liter to 200 liters

3).Suited for abrasive, shear sensitive, solid loaded and lumpy media 

4).Neatly wiping of the inner barrel wall by the special lip seal of the follower plate 

5).Applicable at cylindrical, ribbed or slightly conical barrels, plastic drums or bins with in liner

6).No pressing of the product at the sides due to a nearly pressure-less guiding of the follower plate 

7).Emptying speed electronically adjustable 

8).Simple handling

9).Pulsation free conveying / emptying

10).Residue in the barrel: < 1%

11).Dosing directly from the barrel


Applicable fluids



Strawberry paste, Tomato paste, Mayonnaise, Hamburger patty ingredients, Sake lees, Miso paste, Candy, Honey, Butter, Cheese, Chocolate, Bread dough


Silicone resin, Epoxy resin, Urethane resin, Vaseline, Ointment, Paint, Pigment, Ink, Sealants, Putty, Glass paste


Grease, Adhesive


Beauty cream, Emulsion, Shampoo, Conditioner, Surfactant


STD Barrel Emptying Pumps 
1. Base FramEmpty barrel pump d 1000.jpg
    Base frame with pneumatic lifting device Pump 

2. Pump 

    STD single screw Pump 
3. Follower plate
    Follower plate with leveling collar 
4. Electrical Contro
  Design according to customer specification  
5. Control system
    As one foot control



3000 2862.jpg


F A Q748 55.jpg

1.The working principle of  Barrel Emptying Systems STD-FM

 STD-FM Barrel Emptying Pumps suction themselves automatically to the bottom of the barrel or container to achieve almost residue-free emptying in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foods industries. The heart of the Barrel Emptying System is a volumetrically conveying STD-FM Progressing Cavity Pump. When the STD-FM Pump is started, a vacuum is created under the follower plate. This then simultaneously puts slight pressure on the substance in order to guarantee constant suction in the pump.


2.Does S T D supply custom-made pumps ?  

Yes, that's our specialty. Our modular system with varying designs and material combinations allows customization for almost every application. This means we develop the optimal technical and economical solution for your requirements. 


3.Can S T D spare parts be ordered online ? 

Yes, S T D screw pumps and spare parts as well as other brands (ViscoTec, NETZSCH, SEEPEX. MONO) original accessories can be ordered online. For order please contact us. Telephone: 0086 -189 4242 4342 


4.How fast can my S T D pump be delivered ?

Normally, standard pumps are delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. In urgent cases, delivery times between 2  to 5 days may be possible. Please contact us .Telephone: 0086 -189 4242 4342



1). Standard export packing: We will pack pump and accessories in wooden boxes, put into container. Shipping by sea and air.
2). The mark in the packing by DIN55402 standard execution 

3). Please check the packaging and integrity of goods after receiving them, If found damaged, please immediately report to the carrier.

4).Please kindly notice us if you have special packing requirements.


6.Product quality guarantee  

According to the internation standards , Pump 1 years warranty, accessories 6 months warranty


Our services

1) My screw pump products, reasonable price, excellent service, offer quality inspection. Custom made product is welcome.

2) We have a special quality supervision department, assure the quality of bulk production

3) If the product have quality problem, we will deal with it in the first place, find out the reason, take responsibility.

4) If you are interested in our products and company, please leave a message here or E-mail to us, we will reply you within 24 hours. 


Why choose us ?

1).We manufacture and export the goods directly, no agent in between,to make  the cost the bottom down  and make your price less.

2).In order to keep stable quality of our products, our producing machines are all imported from Europe original machine factory, we don't use low starndard equipment.

3).We ensure the ontime delivery; we can offer the best service for purchasing, quality control, shipping, documents etc. 

4).We provide  SAMPLE and OEM service.

5).We will reply your enquiry IN 24 HOURS.

6).More than 20 years experiences  in this industry business, and the professional teams to make ourcustomer feel  relaxed and comfortable to work with us 

7).Please contact us by email, we will send you more images of our products for more choices


How to make an order for S T D screw pump ?  

1) Sample approval 

2) Client make 30% deposit after receiving our Proforma Invoice, 

3) Supplier start bulk production and finish production within agreed lead time 

4) Supplier arrange necessary documents and send them to client

5) Client arrange balance payment

6) Supplier arrange shipment , and send original documents or telex release the goods

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